Update news Voso

More than 5.3 million farming households have been helped to create accounts on the two e-commerce platforms of Postmart and Vo So. The figure is expected to reach 10 million by the end of the year.

Postmart, VoSo help boost sales of local specialties

Tan Cuong tea, a famous specialty of Thai Nguyen province, is now available on Postmart.

10 million accounts to be set up on Postmart, Vo So in 2022

One of the goals of the plan on accelerating the agricultural digital economy in 2022 is establishing 10 million accounts on Postmart and Vo So.

Farmers get help to sell produce via e-commerce

Viettel Post is helping Hai Duong farmers sell produce on e-commerce sites and will expand that aid to other localities in the country.

Online stalls help ‘rescue’ farm produce in North

Hai Duong’s first farm produce, including cabbage and chicken eggs, are being sold on voso.vn, an e-commerce website, while an online stall distributing Hai Duong’s produce has been set up.

E-commerce platforms help “rescue” agricultural products

E-commerce platforms are effective tools that can help farmers reduce losses when there is an oversupply of produce and sales are slow.

Postman becomes content producer, farmer a streamer

More and more Vietnamese farmers are choosing to sell farm produce through livestreams and e-commerce platforms.