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Fees and charges for transporting on the Vietnam-Cambodia waterway route are paid according the tonnage rates when vehicles entering and leaving seaports from October 12.

High-speed boat service between HCM City, Binh Duong launched

A new high-speed boat service between HCM City and outlying Cu Chi District through Binh Duong Province was launched last Friday.

HCM City continues to halt passenger transport until April 22

Ho Chi Minh City will extend its suspension of road passenger transport until April 22, announced the municipal Department of Transport on April 15.

Traffic accidents drop over 5 percent in 2019

The numbers of traffic accidents, traffic-related deaths and injuries in the country all decreased in 2019, as compared to the previous year, heard a national teleconference held on December 28.

Waterway transport still limited in Vietnam despite potential

Only 50 percent of Vietnam’s inland waterway network, measured in kilometers (19,000), is easily navigable, according to the Department of Inland Waterway.

Poor investment hinders waterway transport growth

A lack of investment into inland waterways has stunted the development of water-borne shipping and made Vietnam’s logistics sector heavily dependant on more expensive road transport.

Developing dental tourism in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Aware of the great potential of dental tourism, HCMC has decided that the field will be a key development sector in the city. 

Travel firms cry for action to rescue rivers and canals

VietNamNet Bridge - HCMC travel firms, repeatedly complaining about the serious pollution of the rivers and canals in the city, have urged the local authorities to find solutions.

Waterways transport potential remains untapped

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam still cannot take advantage of its 3,200 kilometers of coastline, 6,500 kilometers of rivers, 126 river ports, 2,300 passenger ports and 4,800 berths.

Landslides threaten Hanoi’s riverside residential areas

 VietNamNet Bridge – The threat of landslides, particularly during the rainy and stormy seasons has concerned residents who live along the west bank of the Hong (Red) River in Ha Noi.

Illegal ports on Day River worry locals

 VietNamNet Bridge – Locals in this northern province are concerned about the spontaneous appearance of ports and quays that pose a serious threat to waterway transport safety and disrupt the locals’ lives.

Yachts, motorboats: new HCMC "toys"

 VietNamNet Bridge – Yachts are becoming the new "luxury cars" in HCM City. Well, almost.

Hong River transport faces obsticles

VietNamNet Bridge – Despite having geological advantages and low costs, waterway transport in the Hong River Delta hasn't been fully exploited due to obstacles in infrastructure and burdensome procedures for businesses operating in the field,

HCM City struggles to find funds to halt canal pollution

 VietNamNet Bridge – Canals in HCM City, including those under restoration and dredging, could become polluted again if no drastic measures are taken to cope with the critical issue,


 Fitch upgrades Vietnam’s credit rating on improved macrostability; Word Bank says will fund IT application in agriculture; Bike market gets more hectic; Phan Thiet golf course removed; Sai Gon Hi-tech Park attracts more investment

While roads get overloaded, railways and waterways sit largely idle

 VietNamNet Bridge – While the crumbling roads of Vietnam must bear the burden of high traffic and excessive loads, railways and waterways go largely under utilized.

Expert says Hong River flow vital for Delta region

 VietNamNet Bridge – Many parts of Hong (Red) and Thai Binh rivers have seen its average water level remarkably reduced - by two metres lower than the previous 20 years.