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TPP and ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) are expected to offer more market opportunities for insurance companies in Viet Nam, but will also present tough challenges in a more competitive international environment.

"Brain drain" a problem from AEC

  Vietnamese enterprises may struggle to compete in attracting and retaining the best talent in the region as workers move between countries under the AEC.

Mid-level managers can't compete in region: report

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese mid-level personnel's strengths are not competitive advantages compared to that of their Thai and Singaporean peers in the ASEAN Economic Community,

Travel firms unprepared for regional integration

VietNamNet Bridge – The ASEAN Economic Community has been in place for more than one month, but many domestic travel agencies have not prepared products to attract more visitors from other ASEAN countries.


AEC spells vast opportunities for skilled workers

 VietNamNet Bridge – Workers in Vietnam will face much stiffer competition from regional peers given the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) allowing for freer movement of labour within the region.

Vietnam steps up removal of tariff barriers when joining AEC

 VietNamNet Bridge – The formation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) on the last day of 2015, which saw a series of tariff and non-tariff barriers removed from doing business within the communit, has opened up a wider market

Auto market flooded with imports from Thailand, Indonesia

VietNamNet Bridge - Cars from Thailand and Indonesia have been flowing to Vietnam in a wave of imports from ASEAN.

Cambodian, Thai, Filipino workers expected to flock to Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - While Vietnamese workers have to struggle hard for jobs in Vietnam, the home market is expected to attract many candidates from Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines.

AEC could provide 14.5 percent more jobs for Vietnam by 2025: ILO

 Jobs in Vietnam will increase by 14.5 percent by 2025, thanks to the country’s participation in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), the International Labour Organisation (ILO) forecasts.

Thai, Malaysian goods rush into Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - The ASEAN Economic Community which is now in effect will cause products from ASEAN countries, especially Thailand and Malaysia, to penetrate the Vietnamese market.

ASEAN Community marks regional historic milestone

 VietNamNet Bridge – The ASEAN Community is set to formally take effect on December 31. It includes the three pillars which are economics, politics and security and socio-cultural components.

MOIT predicts new wave of investment in logistics sector

“I believe that there will be a wave of foreign investors funneling their capital into Vietnam’s logistics sector in the time to come when Vietnam joins AEC and the TPP ,” said Tran Thanh Hai from MOIT.

AEC could revolutionize fish & seafood industry

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) recently announced high expectations for expanded exports of Vietnam seafood and other aquaculture exports to the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) region as a result of its formation.

Vietnam to benefit from ASEAN’s investment wave

VietNamNet Bridge - Making investments in Vietnam is the choice of many ASEAN countries when implementing their expansion plans. 

Vietnam's role in the $2.5 trillion ASEAN playground

VietNamNet Bridge - Trade, investment, labor ... liberalization is seen as a big opportunity for Vietnam when the ASEAN Economic Community is established, but it also a great challenge because of Vietnam’s level of integration.

Restructuring leads to sad ending for many Vietnamese bankers

Some bankers have been sent to prison, while others have quietly left the market. Some have lost all of their money, while others have been toppled during the restructuring of the banking sector.

Experts warn about brain drain after TPP takes effect

Skilled workers may leave Vietnam for other markets where they can get higher pay, while those who stay may not find jobs because they are less competitive than workers from TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) countries.

Electronics sector attractive to foreign backers

 VietNamNet Bridge – Viet Nam's electronic industry has attracted US$10 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) capital from big names like Samsung, Foxconn, LG, Panasonic and Intel,

Thai businesses march towards Vietnam as AEC draws near

VietNamNet Bridge - Thai businesses are believed to be the most active investors in Vietnam pouring capital into Vietnam to prepare for the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), which takes effect in late 2015.