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From traditional banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich), many bakers have created banh mi with unique shapes and excellent quality known in Vietnam snd around the world.

Vietnamese Banh Mi on a journey to conquer the world

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) has published an article detailing the journey of Vietnamese Banh Mi to conquer the world.

Honouring Vietnam’s culinary culture

The word “banh mi” (Vietnamese bread) was admitted into the Oxford English Dictionary, one of the world’s most prestigious dictionaries, on March 24, 2011, showing the international community’s recognition for Vietnam’s culinary culture.

Vietnamese bánh mì week launched in HCM City

A week-long programme on introducing the special features of bánh mì (Vietnamese bread) has officially kicked off in HCM City.


“I love Banh mi Sai Gon” week underway in HCM City

“I love Banh mi Sai Gon” (I love Saigon bread) programme is taking place in Ho Chi Minh City from March 24 to 31.

Painting collections feature aspects of Vietnamese cultural beauty

Artworks created by Vietnamese painters which feature the Lunar Year of the Rat, sightseeing spots in the central region, and local delicacies such as Banh Mi have drawn the attention of many internet users.

Paintings of Vietnamese Banh Mi prove to be a viral hit

A collection of images featuring the local delicacy Banh Mi, bread often used to make sandwiches, created by Vietnamese painters has drawn the attention of many internet users.

Popular Banh Mi shops located through Old Quarter in Hanoi

As one of the nation’s moved loved street foods, Banh Mi on sale in Hanoi’s Old Quarter has established a reputation among both locals and foreign tourists.

Hoi An’s bread and soybean pudding

 VietNamNet Bridge – For most people, the name Hoi An conjures images of lanterns and cao lau (noodle). Little do they know that the ancient town of Hoi An also features very delicious banh mi (snadwich) and tao pho (soybean pudding).