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Investors interested in pumping money into Vietnam are being urged to embrace flexibility in order to generate success across a wider range of investment channels.

European stakeholders' confidence in Vietnam's business environment slightly declines

European business stakeholders' confidence in Vietnam's investment environment declined slightly in the second quarter of this year, according to the Business Climate Index (BCI) released by the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (EuroCham).

Enterprises feel ‘insecure’ about business conditions

Reform has not pursued the wishes of enterprises and the actual situation. This is why businesses feel insecure.

Informal charges continue to decline: PCI 2021

Informal charges continue to decline in most business-government interactions, according to the 2021 Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) released by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) last week.

Vietnam needs to amend Bidding Law to join int’l playing ground

The amendment of the Law on Bidding aims to update regulations in line with the free trade agreements (FTAs) that Vietnam has joined, to create a favorable business environment, and promote innovation.

Preventing monopolies, eliminating cronyism: how to improve the business environment

A more open mechanism is needed to create resources and driving forces for socio-economic development amid the safe and flexible adaptation to the pandemic.

Regulations hindering enterprise development have been revived

Business environment reform has been slowing down over the last two years. Some bad regulations that were removed because they hindered the development of enterprises have been revived.

Institutional reform needed to improve VN business environment

Institutional reform is facing difficulties because the power of ministries, State agencies and local authorities is too great. Proposals to cut off privileges and the "ask-give" mechanism are not welcome by many people who benefit. 

“Non-financial" solution a contributory factor to improving business environment

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused local firms to face an array of risks, with there being a large and possible long-lasting vulnerability for them.

Vietnam’s startup market expected to continue booming in 2022

Vietnam is a "rising star" and will emerge as the third-largest startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia in2022, according to a report by venture capital firm Golden Gate.

Vietnam has competitive operating costs compared to other Asian countries

In business activities, Vietnam is assessed to be competitive in terms of phone costs, labor costs, and operating costs compared to other countries in Asia.

Customs procedures reformed, but still burdening enterprises

The required customs procedures related to imports and exports have been simplified but enterprises are far from satisfied.

Businesses worry about return of “old barriers”

The draft revised Decree 107/2018/ND-CP on rice export has worried local rice exporters as business conditions that had been previously removed may return.

Alarming statistic: 13,000 businesses withdraw from market each month

In the first quarter of 2021, the number of businesses withdrawing from the market was higher than the number of newly established ones. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect production and business activities in Vietnam.

Confidence in Vietnam’s business environment continues to rebound

European business leaders began the year positive and optimistic about Vietnam’s trade and investment environment, according to new data from the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (EuroCham).

Further administrative reform needed

Vietnamese people and businesses are still struggling with administrative procedures and are being held back by an unstable business environment.

When the flag of institutional reform is raised

Institutional reform and improving the business environment reflect the Government's enduring determination over the years, benefiting people and businesses.

Legal standing increased with enterprise law

As the new Law on Enterprises comes with comprehensive adjustments to the issuance of shares, preferential rights for existing shareholders, and simplifies participation of foreign players in the market, 

Gov't issues resolutions to develop socio-economy, improve business climate

The Government is determined to take drastic measures to realise the socio-economic development plan, better business climate, as well as improve national competitive capacity in 2021 through the issuance of Resolutions No.01/NQ-CP and 02/NQ-CP.

Efforts to improve business environment to be ramped up

The local business community anticipates that the Government will take specific and efficient measures aimed at immediately resolving bottlenecks that hinder their operations, said Vu Tien Loc, chairman of VCCI.