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Record in newly-established firms set in seven months

The number of newly-established enterprises and enterprises resuming operations continued to set a new record in the first seven months of this year, along with the recovery of the domestic economy.

More super-businesses register on national portal, raising questions about financial capabilities

Some businesses with a huge amount of charter capital have been included on the national portal on business registration.

More than 70,000 businesses suspend operation in H1: report

As many as 70,200 businesses halted their operation for a definite time, stopped operation while following procedures for dissolution, and completed procedures for dissolution in the first half of the year.

Bogus companies make real profits, causing headaches for watchdog agency

Of 77,000 businesses that were declared dead in 2019, nearly 50,000 were not found at their given addresses, according to the Ministry of Finance (MOF). Even though they were ‘bogus’ companies, they pocketed real money.

Drunk man could open a giant company

Ever started registering a company after you’ve had one too many? One guy in Hanoi did and drunkenly registered a firm with a capital of VND144 trillion (US$6.3 billion), a slight overstatement to say the least!

More than 89,000 VN businesses leave market in 2019

The number of businesses established in 2019 increased by 5.2 percent, but the number leaving the market rose more sharply, by 20.2 percent, compared with 2018.

Suspended businesses rise by 50%, a worrying sign: economists

More than 90,600 enterprises had to suspend operation in 2018, a sharp increase of 50 percent over the year before, which economists described as “worryingly high”.

Number of dissolved businesses rise, but no need to worry: experts

Reports by state management agencies all show increases in the number of businesses dissolved. 

The stars of 2016’s Year of Startups

As Vietnam ignites the entrepreneurial spirit in its young generation, the country is ushering in a new era of ground-breaking innovations and youthful zeal for business success. 

Vietnam targets 1 million businesses by 2020, but will they survive?

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam is expected to have 1 million businesses by 2020 as targeted by the government, but economists warn that companies won’t be able to grow in a stifling business environment.

Technology startups: high failure rate worries some investors

VietNamNet Bridge - More than 60 percent of startups fail and 70 percent fail in the first year of operation. 

Can Vietnam be a ‘startup nation’ if it prosecutes cafe owner for taking too long to file business registration?

A café owner was fined VND17 million and prosecuted because he took five days to file his business registration. Luckily, the prosecution was canceled after the Prime Minister’s intervention.

Businesses fail despite economic recovery

VietNamNet Bridge - While the national economy is in strong recovery, inflation has been curbed and p administration reform has been simplified, the number of dissolved businesses has been increasing rapidly.

Why do Vietnamese set up businesses in other countries?

Many Vietnamese businessmen decide to register their businesses in other countries because they hope they can get more transparent information, have better opportunities to access investors, and have good brands they can market. 

“Vietnam wants to become No 1, but…”

Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, who took office as the new Chair of the National Assembly, has admitted the failure of the plan on developing Vietnam into an industrialized country which marches towards modernization.

Vietnamese start-ups have to register business overseas

VietNamNet Bridge - Young Vietnamese entrepreneurs have to register their businesses in foreign countries, as they operate in an unclear domestic business environment.

Should unprofitable businesses be saved or abandoned?

The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) has released a report showing that 70 percent of private businesses have not made profits for many months. 

Businesses are disappointed about promised reform

VietNamNet Bridge - Tens of thousands of businesses have become disillusioned about the breakthrough they expected the 2014 Enterprise Law would bring. At the same time, business registration agencies have become overloaded.

Businesses confused about new regulations in Vietnam

The business registration division of the HCM City Planning and Investment Department has been overloaded for several days answering questions about new procedures to set up new businesses under the amended Enterprise and Investment Laws.

Start-up business ideas to take off in 2015

Start-ups could earn millions of dollars by providing seedlings, raising Kerria lacca and developing Motorway apps, according to business plans expected to be applied this year.