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Both management agencies and enterprises want to restore investors’ confidence in the stock and bond markets, saying that the cases of FLC, Tan Hoang Minh and An Dong are just "flies in the ointment".

Corporate bond market needs ‘major surgery’

The redemption of bonds before maturity and bond restructuring have eased  pressure on the corporate bond market. However, the market needs comprehensive reform after the last hot development campaign.

Expert offers solutions for corporate bond market

Where will the money will come from and who will implement the measures to ensure efficiency?

Large bond investment funds' net asset value hit three-year low

The confidence of investors is at such a low level that many are willing to sell corporate bonds at any cost to collect money at a high discount.

Investors warned of the possibility of corporate bond default

In the financial market, investors need to keep in mind the principle of high risk, high return. Therefore, the higher the bond yield, the greater the probability of default.

Corporate bond market struggling with challenges

The size of the corporate bond market is estimated at some VND1,374 trillion, equivalent to 15% of GDP. The Government aims to raise this figure to 20% by 2025.

Don’t criminalize economic relations, create favorable conditions to correct mistakes

Minister of Finance Ho Duc Phoc said ministries and branches have agreed that civil and economic relations will not be criminalized.

From Prime Minister’s message to actions to build trust on bond issuance

Bond issuers sighed with relief after hearing the message from Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh released at a conference on developing the capital market safely, transparently and sustainably late last week.

Stock market was close to collapsing in the past, but still moved forward

Since 2008, the Vietnamese stock market has gone through four difficult times, when the market was thought to collapse.

Will bond defaults occur in Vietnam?

The case of Tan Hoang Minh has caused many investors to shrink back for fear of the collapse of the corporate bond market.

Thu Thiem land auction spawns conspiracy theories

Though there were problems in the case of the Thu Thiem land auction, experts say that auctions should not be restricted, and businesses should not be treated as if they are a plague.

The right message is needed for the stock market amid a critical situation

The Prime Minister on April 11 sent an urgent telegram directing ministries and branches to take measures to stabilize the stock market and corporate bond market.

Businesses borrow VND400 trillion at high interest rates, raising concerns about solvency

The financial health of many enterprises that issued bonds in 2020 is getting worse, with profits not high enough to pay bond interest.

Corporate bond market forecast to be robust this year

The corporate bond market in Vietnam is expected to be robust this year as the Government has issued regulations to untie the market but still aimed to ensure transparency and healthy market development.

VN corporate bond market cools for 2nd month

The value of corporate bonds issued in October was VND9.5 trillion (US$409 million), down 12.8 per cent from September, according to the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX).

Corporate bond market still holds risks for investors: SSI

The corporate bond market cooled in September and risks still persist for investors, according to securities companies.

Investors still pouring money into corporate bonds, despite warnings

Investors are still preferring corporate bonds to bank deposits, and are withdrawing money from banks to buy corporate bonds to enjoy higher interest rates.

Ministry tightens corporate bond issuances to prevent risks

The corporate bond market had seen exponential growth in recent years as banking credit for several sectors was narrowed, forcing firms to shift to bond issuance to raise capital.


Businesses troll for capital as corporate bond market cools

 VietNamNet Bridge – As few investors are buying corporate bonds, businesses are desperately seeking capital.