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Dragon fruit farmers in Binh Thuan Province have cut down thousands of trees and switched to other crops after suffering heavy losses due to low prices.

1.4 million tons of ‘super food’ sells for only VND3,000 per kilo

In some European countries, dragonfruit is considered ‘super food’, priced at VND650,000 per kilogram. Vietnam has 1.4 million tons of the fruit each year and farmers sell it at only VND3,000 per kilogram.

VN dragonfuit sales sluggish in home market, but ‘hot’ in foreign markets

While dragonfruit in Vietnam has seen prices plummet, the fruit is being sold for VND200,000 per kilogram in Australian supermarkets and VND600,000 in the Netherlands.

First instant noodle product made from dragon fruit produced

The Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry (HUFI) have successfully researched and produced the first instant noodle product with dragon fruit ingredient in Vietnam.

Vietnam seeks new markets for farm produce

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has asked its Vietnam Trade Offices (VTRs) overseas to help connect Vietnamese enterprises with foreign partners to boost farm produce exports.

Dragon fruit noodles? Firms create new food products as exports to China slump

The Viet Nam Flour Corporation (Vikybomi) has created new food products made from wheat flour and farm produce such as dragon fruit and watermelon amid a reduction in fruit exports to China.


The ‘farm produce rescue’ method

Some retailers have reportedto the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) that there is no more farm produce to rescue. But farmers still complain that their farm produce remains unsalable.

Farm produce stuck at border, but farmers don't want to sell

Thousands of trucks are still heading for the Vietnam-China border gates, though the exports are getting stuck because of the Covid-19 epidemic.

VN farm produce exporters urged to look at markets other than China

Exporters of agricultural products, especially dragon fruit, must improve quality and focus on the domestic and new export markets and reduce their dependence on the Chinese market amid the current epidemic outbreak, experts have said.


Farm exports meet barriers on the way to China

China has fallen from the No 1 position on the list of Vietnam’s biggest rice export markets into the seventh position. The growth of seafood exports to the market has also slowed down.

Chinese businesses control dragonfruit collection units in Vietnam

The white-flesh and red-flesh dragon fruit areas in Binh Thuan and Long An provinces are being controlled by Chinese businesses who have come to Vietnam to set up collection storehouses.

Chinese cross-border policy hurting Vietnam’s exports

Vietnamese exporters have been warned of difficulties in 2019 because of changes in China’s cross-border trade policies.

Chinese rent land in Laos, change production habits

VietNamNet Bridge - Seventy-five percent of Vietnam’s farm produce is exported to China, but the figure could fall as China grows more of its own food.

Vietnamese dragon fruit farmers worried as Chinese market shrinks

VietNamNet Bridge - China has been expanding the growing area of many kinds of farm produce and has gradually reduced imports from Vietnam.

Vietnam companies take cautious steps towards Thai market

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese enterprises have been seeking a way to penetrate the Thai market to re-establish a trade balance between the two countries.

Vietnamese 9X student invents bioproduct to preserve fruit

VietNamNet Bridge - The bioproducts that help keep farm produce fresh for 15-20 days are made of waste seafood products such as crab and shrimp. 

Vietnamese scientists invent light to control plant flowering

VietNamNet Bridge - The specialized lights that Vietnamese scientists have developed save up to 60 percent of electricity consumption and ensure the flowering of plants.

As Chinese stop importing fruit, farmers look to domestic market

VietNamNet Bridge - As many Vietnamese farmers are reliant on the Chinese market, they have suffered as Chinese traders have reduced fruit imports. 

Vietnamese spend big money on imported fruit

While foreigners are enchanted by Vietnam’s tropical fruits, Vietnamese are spending trillions of dong to buy imported fruit, with import turnover increasing steadily in recent years.

Fruit importers try to penetrate choosy foreign markets

VietNamNet Bridge - After obtaining a passport to choosy markets like the US for some types of fruits, Vietnam is now targeting the EU, Canada, ASEAN, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and South America.