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Market Watch target illegal online firework trading over Tet

The Market Watch General Department has called on localities to inspect and strictly handle firework sales online on social networks ahead of the Lunar New Year Festival.

Fighting fake news on internet

Fake news on the internet is posing major challenges to Vietnam’s national construction and defense destabilizing national politics, and eroding people’s trust in the Party. Government agencies are taking steps to deal with this fake news.

Children face the pitfalls of life online

Nguyen Le Hien was shocked to learn her well-behaved 13-year-old daughter had asked her friends to beat up a classmate to address a personal conflict that began on a social network.

Yeah1 Group says its technology can help newspapers compete with Google, Facebook

Nguyen Anh Nhuong Tong, president of Yeah1 Group, said that Yeah1 will help local newspapers compete equally with Google and Facebook in terms of revenue if the press agencies cooperate with Appnews Vietnam.

Association to protect cinema and television works set up

The Cinema and Television Works Copyright Protecting Association was established on Tuesday in Hanoi.

Vietnamese social networks expect 90m users amid competition with Facebook

Vietnamese social networks were set to have 90 million users by the end of 2020, the communications minister said on Friday, as the Government kept pushing hard to break the foreign monopoly in Vietnam.

Facebook asked to verify identity of users in Vietnam

It is one of the solutions to enhance electronic information management from now on.

Vietnam set to be biggest contributor to growth of SE Asia digital spending

The rapid digitalization of communities in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam made these countries the top contenders for the region`s digital spending crown.

A sharing economy for new startups

The rapid development of the IT revolution has helped startups generate a buzz in the social circle, establishing a new era of promoting globalisation in all sectors while building a new economy – the sharing economy.

Facebook asked to identify user accounts in Vietnam

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has requested Facebook to identify user accounts in Vietnam, initially in the two major cities of HCMC and Hanoi, as part of a move to tighten control over digital information.

Vietnamese social networks struggle to gain 60 million users

Will the third internet wave bring opportunities to Vietnam’s social networks that aim to gain users from Facebook?

Homegrown challenger to Facebook

With the launch of the social network Lotus, VCCorp. is ­trying to reshape the domestic advertising market currently dominated by Facebook and Google, and to give more benefits to content creators.


Made-in-Vietnam Lotus network launched, aiming to have 60 million users

The Vietnamese social network Lotus revealed its plan to attract 60 million users in Vietnam during its official launch in Hanoi last night.


Vietnamese lose Facebook accounts after watching unlicensed movies

Many uers are invited to log on to a website with their Facebook accounts to ‘watch high quality movies’. As a result, they have lost their Facebook accounts.

Vietnam vows to collect tax from cross-border services

The collection of tax from cross-border services, or services provided by foreign firms via internet to users in Vietnam, is included in the amended Tax Management Tax, expected to take effect in early 2020.

Vietnam’s new social network to focus on content

Lotus is believed to be a direct rival to Facebook in Vietnam, but it is still too early to say if it can defeat the giant.

Vietnamese social networks thrive amid Facebook dominance

Since the beginning of 2019, there have been three social networks established in Vietnam.

Is Vietnam challenging Facebook to single combat?

To build a Vietnamese social network and cement its position in Vietnam, the first thing that needs to be done is to defeat Facebook.

Vietnamese social network debuts, competes with Facebook

A social network, called Gapo, created by Vietnamese and designed for Vietnamese youth, has been launched.


Does Zalo want to be a social network?

If it operates as a social network, Zalo will at a disadvantage compared with foreign social networks.