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Vietnam needs to create national social network to replace Facebook: Minister

Vietnam needs to have its own social network and search engine to replace foreign platforms Facebook and Google, said Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung at a recent meeting with IT firms in HCMC.


Vietnamese Generation Z seeks career mentoring on social media

Social media platforms have outpaced other channels including schools, friends and traditional media to become the leading source for job finding.

Vietnam a digital advertiser's dream

More than 51 million Vietnamese access the internet, social media and apps through their smartphones daily, according to a recently released report by Appota Corporation.


Cross-border service providers must comply with local law: Minister

All foreign firms, especially cross-border service providers such as Google, YouTube, Facebook and the like, must comply with Vietnamese law while operating in the country, stated Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung.


Modern journalism: bracing for next wave of technology

News organisations have struggled in the past two decades with readership moving from the page to computers and mobile devices, and that struggle is set to continue, according to a top journalist.

Enforcing copyrights on social media in Vietnam

Spending on online advertising in Vietnam in 2018 reached $550 million, including Facebook’s $235 million, Google’s $152 million, and the remaining $150 million divided among local advertising firms.

False copyright claims for videos earns big money on new Facebook platform

Facebook’s newly developed video platform has shown vulnerabilities which can be exploited by people to earn billions of dong a month from unlicensed content.

New law strengthens tax collection from social network providers

The revised Law on Tax Management, passed by the National Assembly, sets out regulations to collect taxes from Google, YouTube, Facebook and the like from July 1 next year, even if they do not open representative offices in Vietnam.


Vietnam could follow up EU social media slapdown

In fact, both Facebook and Google have been using content of entertainment and news articles, so thanks to this, gaining hundreds of millions of US dollars in annual advertising revenue in Vietnam.

Netflix to be accused of tax arrears in Vietnam

Local competitors are complaining about Netflix which they claim is dodging its tax obligation and does not supervise content in line with Vietnamese laws, reported VN Investment Review.

Vietnamese parents uncomfortable about children’s early sex initiation

While the majority of Vietnamese prohibit their children from having sex at an early age, others are more open and do not consider this to be a moral problem.

Facebook, Google, YouTube remove offensive content following Vietnam’s request

Global tech giants namely Facebook, Google, and YouTube have deleted from its platforms a number of offensive content at the request by the Vietnamese government.

Education Ministry creates controversial rule prohibiting teachers, students from defaming education system

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has set a regulation which would prohibit teachers and students from disseminating, propagating, making comments and showing the images that may adversely affect the education environment.

Facebook account-elimination service popular in Vietnam

The illegal service came out soon after Facebook became popular in Vietnam and it is now the livelihood of a high number of people. The service is offered on the internet and Facebook.

Facebook, Google tax evasion has to stop: minister

Foreign firms like Facebook and Google dominate the digital ad market in Vietnam but pay no taxes, a minister says.


UK lawmakers: Facebook 'intentionally and knowingly' violated data privacy laws

 UK lawmakers have accused Facebook of violating data privacy and competition laws in a report on social media disinformation that also says CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed "contempt" toward parliament by not appearing before them.

Facebook posts record $6.9 billion profit despite privacy scandals

Facebook's endless PR crises don't appear to be hurting its bottom line. The company posted a record $6.9 billion profit for the final three months of 2018 -- a jump of 61% from the same period a year earlier and well ahead of Wall Street estimates.

Nomophobia, or fear of being without a phone: a growing problem among Vietnamese youth

VietNamNet Bridge - Many students are experiencing anxiety when they have to ‘live away’ from their mobile phones. 

Technology CEOs change jobs in 2018

The year 2018 saw many well-known CEOs of technology firms change jobs. They included former Microsoft Vietnam CEO Vu Minh Tri, former Uber Vietnam CEO Dang Viet Dung and Facebook Vietnam Country Director Le Diep Kieu Trang.

Facebook’s new move makes it impossible to buy fake likes

VietNamNet Bridge - After Facebook launched a campaign to clear up fake accounts, many KOL (key opinion leaders) have suffered as the number of interactions has sharply decreased.