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Update news fake news

ASEAN needs to set up an anti-fake news task force, while developing a regional guideline and shared platform for prompt information sharing, proposed a Vietnamese official at a seminar held in Jakarta, Indonesia on January 20.

Vietnam introduces anti-fake news website

The Ministry of Information and Communications has organized an inauguration ceremony for a website http://tingia.gov.vn/ that will receive complaints against and publicize fake news.

New laws to handle fake news online

Minister of the Public Security To Lam speaks to Voice of Vietnam about a complete new set of laws designed to handle fake news on the internet.

Pop singer fined for spreading false news on Covid-19

Pop singer Hoa Minzy has just been fined VND7.5 million (USD326) for spreading false news about Covid-19 on Facebook.


Thailand to set up cyber police bureau

Thailand will establish a cyber police unit to counter high-tech crimes, with more than 1,700 "cyber police officers" to be stationed across the country to handle computer-related offences, Bangkok Post reported on June 12.

Coronavirus: The celebrity cash giveaway and other stories fact-checked

Unpicking the week's dubious claims including a fake cash giveaway and a Covid-19 "remedy".

Hanoi facebook user fined for posting fake news about social distancing

Hanoi Information and Communications Department has fined a Facebook user for posting fake news about social distancing measures.

VNA produces anti-fake news song in 15 languages

The Vietnam News Agency (VNA) has produced versions of its song on fighting fake news in 13 additional languages, bringing the total versions to 15.

Vietnam’s netizens fight fake news

False health advice, such as eating chicken eggs or marjoram to prevent infection, as well as fabricated information about infected and quarantined people are posted every day to garner hundreds of likes and shares. 

PM orders strictly dealing with violations regarding COVID-19 fight

The Prime Minister has asked ministers and heads of ministry-level agencies, chairpersons of the people’s committees of centrally-run cities and provinces, within their authority, to focus on directing, guiding, inspecting, promptly discovering

Vietnamese Facebookers fined for spreading fake coronavirus news

A Facebook user has been fined VND12.5 million (US$530) for spreading fake news, incorrectly claiming a COVID-19 patient had died in Vietnam.

Famous Facebooker discovered posting unverified COVID-19 news

A Vietnamese Facebook influencer has been summoned by police for posting unverified information about the COVID-19 pandemic.


Coronavirus: Fake news crackdown by UK government

A rapid response unit is working with social media firms to take down misleading or harmful content.

Hanoi police summon two disseminators of fake Covid-19 news

Hanoi police have warned the public not to share unconfirmed information about Covid-19 that causes confusion in the community.

Hanoi chairman dismisses rumours of city lockdown

Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung has dismissed speculation on social media that city authorities are poised to announce a total lockdown across the city to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.


Experts slam fake 'virus protector cards'

Experts have warned that so-called virus protector cards advertised online offer no protection against the SARS-CoV-2 (covid-19).


Debunking six myths about Vietnam's 17th victim of COVID-19

Since Vietnam reported its 17th COVID-19 case on Friday night in a woman who returned from a trip to Europe, fake news and rumours have spread like wildfire on social media. 

Facebook user fined for false post on Ly Son Island’s garlic

The HCMC Department of Information and Communications has imposed a fine of VND12.5 million on Luong Hoang Anh for her inaccurate Facebook post suggesting that Ly Son Island garlic is contaminated with pesticides.


WHO says fake coronavirus claims causing 'infodemic'

A representative from the World Health Organization wants tech firms to fight fake news on coronavirus.

Three VN artists fined for spreading false coronavirus information

Three artists have been fined VND10 million ($435) each for spreading false information about the coronavirus epidemic on Facebook.