Update news farming

Thanks to the creation of a closed sea snail (Babylonia areolate) farming process, farmer Pham Van Dung owns a huge "treasure" at the bottom of a pond, with annual revenue of VND34 billion and profit of VND17 billion.

New crop keeps families together

A light rain falls early on a cool spring morning. The field of ramie (a type of nettle with fibrous stems) in Dong Ve Village seems fresher from the moisture.

Couple earns billions of VND from salangane nest business

Luyen and her husband spent VND1.2 billion to buy a 80 square meter house for salangane, which brings annual turnover of billions of dong.

Difficulties still ahead for coffee sector: insiders

The export of coffee declined in both volume and value last year due to certain difficulties that are forecast to linger on for the time to come, insiders have said.

Lobster farmers incur huge losses amid Covid-19

Lobster farmers in Binh Thuan Province's Nhon Hai Commune are facing big losses from falling prices due to Covid-19.

A fish out of water: Can Tho’s newest tourist attraction

Le Trung Tin, a farmer in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta city of Can Tho, makes a good living, training a bunch of snakehead fish to leap out of a pond.

Organic fertilizer still not popular in Vietnam

Organic agricultural production has been expanding in Vietnam, but very few made-in-Vietnam organic fertilizer products are marketed.

'Shocking' human impact reported on world's protected areas

 One third of the world's protected lands are being degraded by human activities and are not fit for purpose, 

How will Brexit affect farming in Vietnam?

 VietNamNet Bridge – The EU has been an important consumption market for Vietnam agribusiness for decades and Brexit is leaving farmers deeply conflicted on what the ultimate outcome on their livelihoods would be.

Red-book pythons slaughtered after they attack cattle

VietNamNet Bridge - Many rare and precious pythons named in Vietnam’s Red Book have been caught by Quang Nam Province residents and slaughtered to protect domestic cattle.

Drip irrigation technology improves incomes of farmers

VietNamNet Bridge - By using drip irrigation technology, farmers now can improve productivity while saving water and fertilizer.

Fish farms fail to thrive in Lam Dong

The farming of coldwater fish has failed to develop as expected in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong, mired in distribution, investment and methodical difficulties.

Farming offers fertile investment soil

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam’s agriculture is expected to attract more foreign investors thanks to the sector’s attempts at reforms.

Poor returns drive rice farmers from land

 VietNamNet Bridge – One of the seven farming households in their district to walk off their rice paddies, Bui Thi Dung explains how her family's decided to give up on farming.

Lacking capital, farmers become hired workers for foreigners

The capital depletion plus the dramatic meat price decrease both have knocked down livestock farms. Breeding animals for foreign invested enterprises proves to be the only choice for Vietnamese farmers now.

Baking sun, drought chap soil and people

VietNamNet Bridge – The scorching sun and prolonged heat have depleted the water resource, leaving thousands of hectares of land in Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan province uncultivated.