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Restoring visa policies as they were before the Covid-19 pandemic will make an important contribution to promoting foreign investment flows into Vietnam.

Investment sentiment upbeat in industrial property arena

The logistics sector has seen a number of large-scale investments in the first months of the year as it experiences a period of significant growth that is vital to the ongoing development of the country’s economic recovery.

Foreign investors: "Vietnam is a destination for future plans"

Despite challenges in terms of labor resources, supply chain disruptions, geopolitical fluctuations and economic conflicts, Vietnam still sees opportunities from various shifting investment waves and changes in trade structure and order.

Samsung Electronics not to shift manufacturing base to Korea

There were reports that Samsung had relocated two smartphone production lines of its business partners from Vietnam to the Republic of Korea (RoK) to ensure a smooth supply chain.

Investors upbeat about Vietnam’s stock market

Vietnam’s stock market is expected to grow further this year as the Government has increased public investment, creating a premise for long-term growth.

High-tech EU investment shows promise

Driven by the Vietnamese government’s new strong moves, greater investment flows from the EU into Vietnam is on the horizon for 2022

New projects ramp up SME benefits

As domestic small and medium-sized enterprises retain a large thirst for capital supply, foreign institutions are pouring support into those able to bounce back in 2022.

Foreign retailers come, Vietnamese billionaires struggle to survive

The increasing presence of foreign giants has put great pressure on domestic retailers.

Plenty of room for attracting US investment

In order to attract investment projects from the US, Viet Nam needed to continue improving its macro-economy, controlling inflation, and speeding up...

Korean firms pour US$2.43 billion into Vietnam in eight months

Businesses from the Republic of Korea (RoK) poured over 2.43 billion USD into Vietnam in the first eight months of 2021, ranking third in terms of total registered capital after Singapore and Japan.

Adjusting ownership rate for foreign investors in bank sector is a long-term strategy

As the market is witnessing adjustments in the rate of ownership for foreign investors in banks, analysts say that it depends on the strategy and business plan of each bank from time to time.

Private equity firms pivot investment focus in Vietnam amid crisis

Private equity firms are actively seeking potential investment targets in Vietnam with a number of deals being secured during the fourth COVID-19 outbreak.

Vietnam named among world’s top 20 host economies for FDI for first time

Vietnam was named among the world’s top 20 host economies for foreign direct investment (FDI) for the first time in 2020 with an inflow of 16 billion USD.

What's behind Apple's decision to make Ipads and MacBooks in Vietnam?

In the last days of 2020, the rumor that Taiwanese group Foxconn - Apple's supplier – was moving part of its Ipad and MacBook production line to Vietnam at Apple's request created a stir.

Foreign tech corporations come to Vietnam

Along with Vietnam’s effective control of the Covid-19 pandemic and the signing of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), international technology giants have followed the wave of investment shift to Vietnam.

Welcoming the new wave of FDI

Vietnam needs to lure foreign investment but should not forget domestic enterprises.

Vietnam attracts over 15 billion USD of FDI in six months

Foreign investors have poured 15.27 billion USD of investment in Vietnam so far this year, equivalent to 97.4 percent of the amount recorded in the same period last year, according to the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI).

Reboot required for high-tech funding

Foreign investment flows into Vietnam’s high-tech sector remained lacklustre in the first five months of 2021, falling behind in meeting national expectations and forcing the country to change its approach.

FDI inflows remains spotlight of Vietnam's economy

The government has set up an FDI task force to support multinationals and foreign businesses grasping investment opportunities in Vietnam.

VN tycoon considers major deal, competes with foreign rivals in $10bil market segment

Masan Group billionaire Nguyen Dang Quang is considering a billion-dollar deal in an area that is Vietnam's strength but has been controlled by large foreign corporations for the past decade.