GDP growth rate

Update news GDP growth rate

The nation’s economic recovery has accelerated over the last six months on the back of a resilient manufacturing sector coupled with a robust rebound in services, according to a World Bank (WB) economic update for Vietnam released on August 8.

Vietnam must not settle for “world factory” status

Vietnam must move forward unless it wants to be saddled with the status of the “world’s factory”, heard a conference in Ho Chi Minh City on July 28.

Harvard study names Vietnam among fastest-growing economies by 2030

Vietnam, together with China, Indonesia, Uganda, and India, are set to be among the fastest growing economies in the world by 2030, according to researchers at the Growth Lab of Harvard University.

Clear and effective policies help mitigate external shock impact

Despite the global economy enduring an array of unpredictable fluctuations, the timely introduction and effective implementation of Government policies have contributed to Vietnam avoiding external shocks whilst also promoting growth.

HCMC in growth momentum

The June 2022 Report on HCMC’s macroeconomy said the city’s economy has almost got back to its high-growth path. Certain industries have hit or exceeded their pre-pandemic growth rates.

VN stocks could be in sweet spot as GDP growth surges, stronger growth forecast

The Vietnamese economy grew by 7.7 per cent in the second quarter, one of the fastest rates in a decade, and is expected to expand even faster this quarter, driven by an ongoing burst of consumption.

Vietnam firmly rebounds amid challenges

HSBC Global Research expects Vietnam to be among the region's top growing nations, as it was one of the world's few countries to record growth in two consecutive years since the pandemic.

Rising inflation will slow economic recovery

Although global inflation is a reality, the general feeling is that inflation is still under control. However, continued rising inflation is bound to affect the efforts of the Government to make full economic recovery.

Economy bounces back faster than expected

Vietnam’s economy continued to expand in the second quarter of the year, with gross domestic product (GDP) growing 7.7% year on year, the highest quarterly growth rate in 11 years.

The paradoxes of growth

The high economic growth rate and the prosperity of a number of business fields in H1 demonstrates the judiciousness of the decisions to change the country's Covid-19 prevention and control strategy.

CIEM provides two scenarios for Vietnam’s economic growth this year

Vietnam’s economic growth this year can reach up to 6.9% in the best-case scenario, the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM) announced during a workshop on July 15 to launch a report on Vietnam’s economy in the first half of 2022.

Inflation statistics and confidence levels

As a reporter in charge of macroeconomic news, I always seek to read statistics because figures are not biased and allow me to have an overall view of things. But, honestly speaking, not all statistics give me a sense of confidence.

Banking stocks at attractive level?

The banking industry has been facing many difficulties due to concerns about inflation and increasing bad debts since Circular No.14 ended, especially the Government's actions to closely manage and supervise the capital and real estate markets.

January’s CPI inches up over high consumer demand for Tet

Vietnam’s consumer price index (CPI) in January edged up by 0.19% month-on-month, fueled by high consumer demand for the upcoming Lunar New Year or Tet, according to the General Statistics Office.

Vietnam likely to get better rating position in future: expert

Vietnam is the only country in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in the ‘BB’ rating category to gain positive rating momentum in 2021 and this is a reflection of the country's economic strength and resilience.

Vietnam’s economy showing signs of recovery: IMF official

Vietnam is showing signs of socio-economic recovery though the COVID-19 pandemic remains complex, according to Francois Painchaud, Regional Resident Representative of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the country.

Leeway for economic recovery, development

Government agencies are discussing how to launch a sufficiently large stimulus package to help the economy recover and develop after Covid-19. In the current context, is there room for this policy?

Vietnam - top destinations for ASEAN companies looking for growth opportunities

The country continues to offer appealing business and investment opportunities given its strong fundamentals.


Vietnam faces unexpected risks as global uncertainties continue

Vietnam’s economy has shown signs of recovery but the world is still reeling in the fight against Covid-19. As such, Vietnam needs to be well prepared for any upheaval.

Multiple financial risks still challenge Vietnam

Global financial markets have been negatively hit and significantly shaken by the ongoing unpredictable, relentless and complicated developments under the Covid-19 pandemic, leading to continued global financial instability.