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A 10-member working group to promote digital economic development has been established by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC), led by Deputy Minister Nguyen Huy Dung.

Vietnam aims for 7.5-8% growth rate in next 25 years

To become a developed country by 2045, Vietnam needs to obtain a GDP per capita of $20,000 per annum. As such, it needs to reach a GDP growth rate of 7.5-8 percent per annum in the next 25 years.

Securities investors expect ‘new bank share wave’

Many commercial banks now pay trillions of dong worth of dividends to shareholders and have completed restructuring after a decade of difficulties. As a result, their share prices are expected to rise.

Despite Covid-19, businesses still make multi-trillion dong investments

Instead of staying idle and waiting for the pandemic to be contained, many businesses in Vietnam are making investments, training workers and laying down the foundation to make a breakthrough when the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

Vietnam named in Agility’s top 10 Emerging Markets Logistics Index 2021

Vietnam’s rise of three ranking positions to 8th overall is the fastest rise in the top half of the Index and displaces regional partner Thailand in the top 10.

Extensive reforms behind the border

When the Covid-19 pandemic, which started in Wuhan in China a year ago, broke out, even the most optimistic person could not imagine that the Vietnamese economy would stand firm.

Vietnam shows its 'firm stuff' after five years of difficulties

The US-China trade war, Brexit, the US withdrawal from TPP, Covid-19 and internal difficulties all have affected Vietnam’s economy in the last five years.

Vietnam eyes strong recovery from pandemic this year

Vietnam's economy is likely to experience a strong bounce back in 2021 with GDP growing at 6.9% in the best-case scenario 

Annual targets for 2021 tough but achievable

The rate of public investment disbursement in 2020 was the highest in the last five years, contributing to enhancing economic growth and enabling Vietnam to be one of the highest-growth economies worldwide.

Vietnam budget deficit forecast at 3.6% of GDP in 2021

Fitch Solutions holds a more optimistic view on Vietnam’s economic rebound in 2021, with its real GDP growth forecast at 8.6%, against the government’s 6.5% target.

Production, business activities in HCMC remain effective

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phong, Chairman of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, assessed that the proportion of domestic revenue in the total budget collection in the period from 2016 to 2020 had increased from 62.1 percent to 71.45 percent.

GSO leader hails 2020 as year of success in inflation control

Director General of the General Statistics Office (GSO) Nguyen Thi Huong has stressed that 2020 is considered a year of success in inflation control.

2020: over-expenditures increase, public debts still within safety line

Because of over-expenditures, the public debts in 2020 are estimated at 56.8-57.4 percent of GDP and the government’s debt 50.8-51.4 percent of GDP, within the safety line set by the National Assembly.

Vietnam's economy to grow 6.8 percent in 2021: World Bank

Vietnam’s prospects appear positive as the economy is projected to grow by about 6.8 percent in 2021 and, thereafter, stabilise at around 6.5 percent, according to the latest World Bank’s economic update for Vietnam “Taking Stock”.

World struggles amid uncertainties, Vietnam prepares for new cycle

The pandemic and uncertainties have put pressure on the global economy. However, Vietnam, though facing many risks, is expected to continue growing well.

GSO recalculation of provinces' GRDP provides truer picture of local development

A problem existed for years between the difference of GRDP (gross regional domestic product) reported by local statistics offices and GDP calculated by the General Statistics Office (GSO).

Vietnamese economy remains resilient despite COVID-19 challenges

The Vietnamese economy has remained extremely resilient throughout the year despite the adverse impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, with import-export activities witnessing a gradual bounce back, according to insiders.

Hanoi's economic growth set to reach 3.94% this year

Hanoi's economic growth is set to rebound to 7.5% next year as the city continues to pursue the dual target of both containing the pandemic and boosting economic recovery.

Recovery continues

As opposed to that of supply, the recovery of demand remains weaker, which means that the recovery of growth in the coming time will depend largely upon whether consumers can bolster their purchasing power

New report finds GDP growth revised up 25.4 per cent in 2010-2017

A new report on Vietnam's macroeconomics and GDP revision has been released by Prof Can Van Luc and researchers from the BIDV Training and Research Institute