Update news GDP

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has proposed adding some indexes not yet stated in the statutory economic criteria, such as per capita gross domestic product (GDP), contribution of TFP to growth and labor productivity.

The last quarter’s momentum

If the Covid-19 pandemic will continue to be well put under control as it is now, Vietnam’s GDP growth in the fourth quarter is likely to be higher than the first three quarters.

Positive outlook ahead for economic growth in 2020

There remains plenty of room to accelerate economic growth moving into the fourth quarter of the year, with domestic consumption and investment set to be the key drivers for Vietnam’s growth during the remainder of the year, according to insiders.

Vietnam: the rare economy that still grew during Covid-19 pandemic

Vietnam’s GDP grew by 2.12 percent in the first nine months of the year compared with the same period last year, the lowest growth rate since 2011, according to the General Statistics Offic.

Household groceries compete equally with modern retail chains

Contrary to all predictions, modern convenience stores and supermarkets, with powerful financial capability, have not led to the closure of traditional household-run groceries.

Vietnam’s businesses ‘swim against the current’, boost exports during Covid-19

The enterprises of US dollar billionaires have been thriving despite the pandemic. They are doing well in Vietnam, and making their mark in the world market as well.

Vietnam targets 6.5% GDP 2021 growth

The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) has been asked to meet the goal of 6-6.5% GDP growth in 2021.

HCM City ready to welcome investment opportunities in new situation

The rate of foreign investment attraction in Ho Chi Minh City since the beginning of the year has continued to rise.

If COVID-19 is contained soon, Vietnam's GDP may grow 3.5-4% this year: economist

Truong Van Phuoc, a respected economist, is optimistic about Vietnam’s growth, though some analysts warned about a negative growth rate after the new Covid-19 outbreak was discovered in Da Nang.

Inflation not a concern, USD depreciates, capital remains cheap

Capital has become very cheap with the Vietnam dong interest rates in the interbank market having fallen to a four-year record low, according to the Vietnam Interbank Market Research Association.

Reform urgently needed for Vietnam to make use of EVFTA

Vietnam needs to reform its trade mechanisms while local businesses are advised to be more proactive to take advantage of the European Union - Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA).

How should Vietnam reopen to other economies after COVID-19?

Experts believe that Vietnam should follow a gradual opening roadmap instead of an immediate opening to protect its great achievements in fighting against Covid-19.

Stronger actions needed for economic rebound

The local economy is confronted with multiple hardships, and to beef up development and quickly rebound, faster and stronger actions become an urgent need.

Vietnam's public debt payment at safe levels after pandemic

The ratio of public debt to GDP is not too high, but the pressure of debt repayment in both VND and foreign currencies will increase in 2020-2021.

Money oversupply: sign of weak growth

Last week, interbank liquidity was in excess and the interest rate dropped to a record low, signs showing that capital has become ‘stagnant’.

Vietnamese enterprises encouraged to focus on home market

Focusing on the home market is one of the important solutions that will help enterprises restore production and business after Covid-19 ends, experts say.

Vietnamese optimism believed to help economy recover quickly

Restaurants and eateries have been crowded recently, following the social distancing period. Analysts believe this indicates a rapid recovery of the economy after the epidemic.

Senior economist projects "swoosh-shaped" recovery for Vietnam

It won’t be a V-shaped recovery, but a swoosh-shaped recovery like Nike’s logo: the economy will go down and then bounce back beginning in 2021, according to BIDV’s chief economist Can Van Luc.

Economists warn of stagflation because of COVID-19

Vietnam needs to keep inflation and interest rates at low levels, stabilize the exchange rate, accelerate public investments, and improve the investment environment, economists say.

Speedier recovery up ahead for some

Industrial and residential properties could be the sectors grasping the most upcoming attention in the real estate market of Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines – three of the ASEAN’s fastest-growing economies.