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Hanoi warned of more serious traffic jams if it bans motorbikes too soon

If Hanoi authorities prohibit motorbikes by 2025 in the center, when the public transport network is still not capable of satisfying people’s demand, many would have to use private cars. If so, the traffic would be even worse.

Hanoi considers prohibiting motorbikes in inner city districts

Motorbikes in the future may be stopped from entering Hanoi inner city districts at Belt Road 3, Truong Sa and Hoang Sa Roads and Highway No 5.

Hanoi to collect up to VND60,000 from cars entering inner city

Owners of cars with under nine seats entering the inner city area on ordinary days would pay tolls between VND25,000 and VND60,000.

Hanoi plans to build 87 toll booths in inner city areas to ease traffic congestion

To ease traffic congestion in the city hub, the Hanoi Department of Transport has worked out a plan to install 87 toll stations on ring roads.

Fighting traffic gridlocks: Hanoi needs more than one hero

In July, the Center for Environment and Development of the University of Oslo, Norway organized a webinar entitled “Sustainable urban transport in Vietnam: Transition, challenges and future prospects”.

Hanoi’s roads jammed with cars, motorbikes during heavy rain

Heavy rain this morning caused traffic jams in Hanoi's inner roads.

Students return to school, street congestion in Hanoi reappears

On March 2, Hanoi students returned to school after a month-long lunar New Year holiday due to the Covid-19 outbreak. As a result, Hanoians struggled to move again on the roads.


Three days before Tet, Hanoi streets and coach station are deserted

Only a few days before the lunar New Year (Tet holiday), Hanoi’s coach station and streets are unusually quite due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hanoi police start attaching parking tickets on illegally parking cars

Hanoi’s traffic police started attaching parking tickets to car windshields of illegally parked vehicles on Tuesday to ensure traffic order and safety in the city.

Hanoi Public Transport Association proposes bus-only lanes

Hanoi Public Transport Association has proposed to build 14 bus-only lanes in order to attract more passengers and reduce personal vehicles.

Hanoi plans to ease traffic congestion as Tet nears

Hanoi authorities have planned a range of measures to mitigate traffic jams and ensure traffic safety as the Lunar New Year approaches.

Hanoi considers banning three-wheeled vehicles

Hanoi authorities have considered banning three-wheeled vehicles, including cyclos.

Hanoi seeks ways to reduce congestion caused by personal vehicles

The Hanoi Department of Transport recently held a seminar to discuss methods to reduce the number of private vehicles, with solutions centering on plans to limit motorbikes and charge tolls to cars entering central districts.

Hanoi to conduct zoning to reduce traffic congestion

Hanoi is mulling two different options to restrict the use of motorbikes in the city before the 2030 ban.


Hanoi to put electric bus into service in 2021-2025

The People’s Committee of Hanoi City is mapping out measures to develop public transport, including a plan to put electric buses into service during the 2021-2025 period.

Hanoi plans toll collection on vehicles in 2030

The Hanoi Department of Transport said that the collection of tolls charged on vehicles entering the city’s downtown is not an easy task but needs to be implemented, possibly in 2030, local media reported.


Bus commuters in Hanoi remains low

The commute to or from downtown Hanoi during rush hours can be stressful to say the least.


Hanoi considers charging cars entering downtown

According to Hanoi Department of Transportation, driving cars from ring road 3 toward the inner city will be charged and the automatic fee payment will not affect cars’ operation or cause road congestion.


Hanoi to begin construction of two new ring roads

Hanoi will build its parts of the ring roads no.4 and no.5 between 2021-2025 in an effort to complete the local transport infrastructure, said the municipal Department of Transport.

Huge congestion as people leave Hanoi for holiday

Thousands of people left Hanoi on Friday afternoon, causing huge congestion on many roads leading to bus stations or neigbouring provinces.