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VN labor market bounces back

Vietnam’s labor market has improved, sending goods news to workers being laid off in the final quarter of last year due to a shortfall of new orders faced by their companies.

HCM City to open job transaction floors to facilitate businesses in recruiting workers

Ho Chi Minh City's authorities will organise online and offline job transaction floors in the Southwest and Central Highlands regions to support businesses in recruiting labourers.

Over 96% of labourers return to work following Tet

Over 96% of labourers nationwide had returned to work as of January 31, the ninth day of the lunar new year after a week-long Tet holiday.

Over 32% of apparel firms remain closed in Hanoi

Nearly a third of textile and garment firms have yet to reopen in Hanoi although the Lunar New Year holiday has ended.

Solving housing issues for workers a key target for the labour sector: PM

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh highlighted creating more jobs, improving labourers' skills and giving priority to solving the housing issues of workers as the key tasks of the labour sector during a meeting in Hanoi on Wednesday.

Employment slumps in the last quarter of 2022

Vietnam’s job market has seen a sharp decrease in demand in the last quarter of 2022, with workers finding it challenging to seek new jobs, according to a report released by Navigos Research, a recruitment firm.

Vietnam ranks low in total workforce index ranking in 2022

Vietnam is in 47th place among 60 labor markets worldwide in terms of the workforce index while ranking lowest among 11 nations in the Asia-Pacific region, according to ManpowerGroup’s total workforce index 2022 global analysis.

Government requires full salary, bonus for workers

The Government requires enterprises to give sufficient salaries and year-end bonuses to workers, and have policies to encourage workers to return to work after the Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday.

Labor market at year’s end: Increasing connection, stabilizing jobs

In recent weeks, many workers in Ho Chi Minh City have struggled when they were laid off.

Tech job woes not on cards for Vietnam

While some of the world’s top tech firms have taken the grim step of announcing mass lay-offs, Vietnam’s tech enterprises continue to face a serious shortage of personnel.

Tech firms in need of STEM staff

The HR director of a leading technology firm in Vietnam says that his company needs to hire 200 high-quality technicians in 2022, but has   only been able to hire 50 within a six month period.

Companies adjusting to rising hybrid workplace sentiment

Hybrid working is gaining traction in Vietnam’s labour market, meaning altered work patterns for the market and considerations over new office functions.

56% of workers get pay rise in 2022

Of 60,000 workers from 500 enterprises surveyed, 56 percent said they will get a pay rise in 2022.

13th month salary is key to entice workers: survey

Based on the responses of 3,000 job seekers and 400 businesses in June, the report "Labor market in 2022 – facts and direction" by Vietnamworks pointed out that 40% of workers do not have a stable job.

Trendy jobs in Vietnam

New and fashionable professions are being pursued by many young people. But not everyone is succeeding.

Vietnam needs to improve human resources in digital age: World Bank

To reach the goal of becoming a high-income country by 2045, Vietnam needs to quickly improve the quality and quantity of its human resources.

Survey finds Vietnamese workers have poor English language skills

Thirty percent of surveyed businesses have fewer than 10 percent of workers with sufficient English skills, which is considered a serious problem in the labor market.

Industries prepare to upskill the workforce

With the international labour force shifting to younger demographics, demand for upskilling and professional empowerment is on the rise – but some employers are being slow to adapt.

Vietnam moves to strongly integrate into int’l labour market

Vietnam is striving to develop a modern and internationally integrated labour market, considering it a key to a strong connection with the global labour market and ensure the harmonisation of the domestic labour market.

IT industry holds huge recruitment demand

The demand for personnel in the IT sector continues to rise, with an increasingly strong rising recruitment serving post-pandemic business recovery and growth, according to a report on the Vietnamese labour market in the second quarter