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The generation of elderly who do not live with their children

The rate of elderly living with their children and grandchildren is decreasing, while the rate of people living alone or living with their husband or wife is gradually increasing.


Young Vietnamese man travels to 30 countries, 150 cities

By the time he turned 27, Phan Thanh Quoc had visited 30 countries and 150 cities. And now he is working to earn enough money to take a trip around the world after the Covid-19 pandemic ends.


A cry for help from members of ‘parent haters’ group on Facebook

A group on Facebook called the "Society of Parent Haters" with more than 7,000 members has faced criticism from many people.

An uncommon trend for the well-off to entertain themselves

A hobby once reserved for the upper class is now becoming an interesting activity for plant enthusiasts: collecting camellia.

Young Vietnamese tend to have sex earlier: survey

A number of surveys in Vietnam show a tendency for young people to have sex earlier, but about 30-48% have not received contraceptive measures.

Wealthy build second homes in rural areas

The natural lifestyle and return to nature has prompted the wealthy to spend a lot of money to own a living space in the middle of nature.

Youth prefer freelancing, working from anywhere

As technology is developing at a lightning speed, more and more young people want to give up their dedicated desks in offices and work from anywhere in the world.

22-month-old boy climbs rocks, conquers Cat Ba caves with dad

Tao experienced his first trekking trip in his life when he was 22 months old on August 29. He was able to "conquer" a primitive cave in Gia Luan commune on Cat Ba Island.

Community farming model offers an escape to nature

Leaving the urban sprawl for rural life has become a hot trend among successful business owners, retired people and farm-based firms as they seek a relaxing escape from pollution, a chance to unwind or a return to a childhood idyll. 

Rooftop garden is peaceful retreat, food resource for HCM City family

When Nguyen Van Huynh returned to HCM City five years ago after living for 20 years in Eastern Europe, he and his wife decided to build a house in the city.

Hà Nội returns to life after social distancing

After seven consecutive days of recording no new cases of COVID-19, social distancing regulations were eased in Hanoi at midnight on April 23.

Simple ways to nurture face skin during isolation with cucumber

As the world works from home with many people self isolating, now is not the time to neglect your skin care.

Wooden sculptures play key roles in life and death

The province's Bahnar and Jrai ethnic groups' Pơ Thi or Bỏ Mả ceremony is held one to three years after someone dies to ask for the dead's permission to let the living move the corpse to a new tomb.

Traditional ceremony marks coming of age

The ceremony has been held for hundreds of years, honouring the principles of marriage, family happiness and uniting people in their family and community.

135-year-old church pulled down after delays

After prolonged discussions with the public, local diocese and Christian community in Xuân Trường District, authorities in the northern province of Nam Định have decided pull down the dilapidated Bùi Chu Church to build a new one.

Top 10 cultural events of the year

With the theme 'Visit Vietnam Year 2019', Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa, the national tourism year staged more than 100 festivals and cultural activities to promote sea and island tourism.

Asian artists showcased at event

More than 80 works by 19 artists from 13 countries and territories in Asia are on display at an exhibition in Hanoi.

Veteran singer’s band makes debut

A band of six members led by veteran singer Hoàng Bách has made debut in HCM City this week.  

Wood you believe it? Hanoi's top artisans

Sơn Đồng Handicraft Village in Hoài Đức District, 20km west of downtown Hà Nội, has long been the source of some of Việt Nam's finest carved wood worship objects.

New book on Sai Gon culture, lifestyle released

A new book on the culture and lifestyle of Sai Gon, now HCM City, was released by the Culture & Arts Publishing House last weekend.