Long Bien Bridge

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In 2022, Long Bien Bridge turns 120 years old. Overcoming the test of time, the past is clearly visible on each span of the bridge and it has become an invaluable part of Hanoi's history.

Future of Hanoi’s 120-year-old Long Bien Bridge unclear

Long Bien Bridge, the iconic bridge across Hanoi’s Red River, has degraded, but no major repair plan has been finalized and its future is unclear.

Vietnam joins hands with France to renovate Hanoi’s Long Bien bridge

Vietnamese and French experts will join hands to renovate Hanoi City’s deteriorating Long Bien Bridge in the coming months.

Ministry asks for urgent repair of French-era bridge

The Ministry of Transport has requested the Vietnam Railway Authority and the Vietnam Railways Corporation to take immediate measures to ensure safety of Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi after the collapse of two concrete floor tiles on the bridge.

Long Bien Bridge, connecting past and present in Hanoi

The symbolic icon and landmark of the capital city Hanoi, Long Bien Bridge, turned 120 years old on Monday.

120-year-old bridge receives "new coat"

The Vietnam Railways Corporation has started repair work on Long Bien Bridge. The repair and maintenance plan of the bridge is expected to be completed in November 2021.

Ministry of transport prioritising funding for maintenance of Long Bien Bridge

The Ministry of Transport will prioritise funding for the maintenance and repair of Long Bien Bridge, an iconic structure in the Vietnamese capital.

‘Rescuing’ Long Bien Bridge and building bridges that enrich the city

Experts have repeatedly warned that Long Bien Bridge is in serious state and is going to collapse. Meanwhile, Hanoi is programming the development of a ‘creative city’. What should be done with Long Bien?

Long Bien Bridge - the iconic French construction in the heart of Hanoi

Revered by Hanoians, Long Bien Bridge is living historical evidence of the courage of the capital throughout the ups and downs of the 20th century.

France wants to repair Vietnam’s century-long Long Bien Bridge

After a century of change, the bridge remains Hanoi’s iconic structure.


Ancient French architectural works worth being visited in Hanoi

The Hanoi Opera House, Long Bien Bridge, the Post Office, among others, are the special historical landmarks of Hanoi.

Photos show memories of Hanoi Liberation Day in 1954

The morning of October 10, 1954, saw thousands of the capital’s residents flood the streets with flags and flowers to welcome home Vietnamese soldiers who took over the capital from French troops.

Unexploded bomb from American War pulled from Hanoi's Red River

Hanoi military personnel salvaged and safely disposed of a US-made unexploded 1.6m-long bomb from the Red River on Monday.


Suspected bomb under Hanoi bridge

The authorities in Hanoi blocked a part of the Red River under Long Bien Bridge on June 19 to search for a suspected bomb dating back to the American War.

Eight interesting things to experience around Hanoi

Packed full of wonderful things for tourists to explore and sample, including a flower market at night, 12 flower seasons, egg coffee, and a long ceramic road, Hanoi represents a great city to visit.

City walk from Hoe Nhai Street to Long Bien Bridge

The Friends of Vietnam Heritage (FVH) plans to host a walk on March 20, from Hoe Nhai Street to the iconic Long Bien Bridge.


Artworks decorate neglected riverbank site

An area in Hanoi's Phuc Tan Commune by the Red River has been revitalised in recent days after a group of artists decided to install art in the former dumping ground.

New air service offers spectacular views of Red River

The Northern Helicopter Company, under the Vietnam Helicopter Corporation, launched the Red River - HeliTour sightseeing service on December 7, following the success of the recently-launched Halong Heli Tours.

Cold snap sees temperatures drop nationwide

A cold spell currently covering the whole country looks set to last for one week, causing plenty of challenges in the daily lives of local people, according to the National Center for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting.

Discovering stunning white grass flowers around Long Bien Bridge

Growing around Long Bien bridge in Hanoi, the white grass season allows tourists to fully immerse themselves within romantic scenery and enjoy the area’s tranquil atmosphere.