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HCM City to raise salaries to retain state officers

The HCM City People’s Council at a recent meeting discussed additional income for state officers so they feel more secure at work.

Low wages are eroding the integrity and dignity of civil servants: NA deputies

National Assembly deputies, noting that low monthly salaries are eroding the integrity and dignity of some civil servants, have urged an increase in the minimum wage.

Minimum wage revisions to protect low-paid workers in Vietnam: ILO

The new regional minimum wages, which have been agreed by members of the National Wage Council, will be effective on July 1, 2022.

Minimum wage must be raised to ensure workers’ living standard: labor confederation

The Vietnam Labor Federation has asked to increase the minimum wage from July 1, 2022, earlier than scheduled.

Business health to come first in future wage date changes

In addition to recommending against an increase in wages this year, many experts and businesses have also opposed proposals to change the timing of regional minimum wage changes from January 1 to July 

Highest expected Tet bonus over VND1 billion, average wage down

The highest Tet bonus workers this year is VND1.07 billion, or over $41,000. The highest pay in 2020 was VND516 million a month.

Vietnam steps up measures to protect guest workers abroad

Vietnamese authorities have improved the legal framework, stepped up communication measures and promoted international co-operation to ensure labourers enjoy better rights when working abroad under contracts, a conference has heard.

Workers organisation calls for increase in minimum wage

The body that represents workers' rights in Vietnam is calling on the Government to increase minimum wage as the country's economy begins to show positive signs of recovery.

Highest Tet bonus in HCM City expected at over USD41,666

The highest bonus for the lunar New Year in HCM City or Tet holiday is expected to be more than VND1 billion (USD43,478), meanwhile the figure for the New Year is VND990 million (USD42,251).

ILO welcomes new Labour Code

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has welcomed the new rights of workers and employers in Vietnam from January 1 as the revised Labour Code adopted in 2019 takes effect.

Labour ministry proposed delaying raise in minimum wage til Q3 2021

The labour ministry has proposed the Government delay increasing minimum wage next year due to economic hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minimum wage will not be raised in 2021 because of tight budget

The National Assembly’s Finance and Budget Committee has agreed not to adjust the minimum wage in 2021 and has warned about the pressure on public debt payment.

One fewer thing to worry for enterprises

Businesses will have one fewer thing to worry about in 2021 as the minimum wage is not expected to be increased for privately-owned enterprises.

Minimum wage proposed to remain unchanged in 2021

The National Wage Council has advised the Government to keep the minimum wage unchanged until the end of 2021 instead of raising it as planned.

Wage proposal made to facilitate upswing

Vietnam may break a 10-year trend by not increasing regional minimum wages for private businesses in 2021 to help ease the financial burden on those ailing from the pandemic.

Vietnamese Gov’t proposes minimum wage increase

The Government has called on the legislative National Assembly (NA) to raise the monthly base salary for the coming year to VND1.6 million (US$69) to keep up with the country’s advancements in overall development.

Cambodia to raise minimum wage for textiles, footwear workers

Cambodia has decided to raise the minimum wage for workers in the textiles and footwear industries to 190 USD per month, an increase of 4.4 percent, from next year.

VN businesses oppose reduction of working hours

The business community has protested the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs’ (MOLISA) intention to cut the weekly maximum working hours from 48 to 44 hours.

Who will benefit when Vietnam raises the minimum wage?

According to the World Bank, Vietnam has had the sharpest minimum wage increase in the region, a 14 percent rise in the 2014-2016 period.


Minimum wage set to increase by 5.5% in 2020: National Wage Council

Starting next year, minimum wage in the private sector will increase by 5.5 per cent after three-party negotiations between representatives of the State, employers and employees ended yesterday.