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The Covid-19 pandemic in the past two years is not just a crisis in which the domestic tourism industry can be revived simply by reducing prices or stimulating demand like previous times. 

Online tourism in the midst of the pandemic

The longer the pandemic lasts, the more it will be necessary to see online tourism as a necessary direction to open the flow of tourism and partly limit the heavy losses being experienced in the industry.


Vietnam tourism launches sustainable travel showcase online

Foreign travellers dreaming of their next vacation in Vietnam can now find the country’s best sustainable tourism options in one online destination.

Tourism profits increase as online bookings boom

VietNamNet Bridge - Online bookings have been developing rapidly in the tourism industry, bringing trillions of dong a year to travel firms, reports say.

Digitalizing tourism is a must, experts say

VietNamNet Bridge - To obtain the targeted turnover of $45 billion by 2025, the tourism industry needs to reform its way of doing business through digitalization, experts say. 

High-tech tourism services attract more travelers

VietNamNet Bridge - Tourism centers in the central region of Vietnam have been using technologies to attract more travelers, believing that ‘technological tourism’ will be the future of the industry.

Vietnam’s online tourism reaches out to region

The M&A deals made recently among online tourism firms are the first steps taken by Vietnamese firms to conquer the regional market, analysts say.

Hotels fear they may lose guests to Airbnb

VietNamNet Bridge - Several years ago, hoteliers in Vietnam did not think Airbnb could be a threat to them. But that is no longer the case. 

Chinese travelers in Vietnam pay with Chinese cards at Chinese Points of Sale

Chinese travelers’ payment transactions are made with Chinese cards at Chinese POS machines illegally installed in Vietnam and do not go through Vietnam’s banking system.

Online tourism businesses thrive in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Many travel firms, after making heavy investments in online tourism, are earning increasingly high revenue. 

Foreign firms have biggest share of online tourism market

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese companies have only 20 percent of the online tourism market, with foreign companies taking up the rest.

Hotels become heavily reliant on online travel agencies to sell rooms

VietNamNet Bridge - All hotels have to cooperate with online travel agents (OTA) to sell hotel reservations. However, many of them are seeking ways to find guests directly and escape heavy reliance on the sites.  

Where are Vietnamese firms in the online tourism market?

The Vietnamese online tourism market is predicted to increase from $2.2 billion in value in 2015 to $9 billion by 2025. However, it is unclear if Vietnamese firms can obtain a slice of the potentially lucrative pie. 

Online tourism market called ‘new gold mine’, worth $9 billion

VietNamNet Bridge - The fourth industrial revolution is expected to be a great opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to make a breakthrough in the online market, estimated to be worth $9 billion by 2025.

Investors seek opportunities in $9 billion online-tourism market

VietNamNet Bridge - Forecasts say Vietnam’s online tourism market’s value may reach $9 billion in the next three years.

Online tourism market potential remains untapped

VietNamNet Bridge - Foreign online booking agents are fiercely competing for the online tourism market worth $9 billion in Vietnam.