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Nguyen Tri Hai, 29, thought that he just needed to find a good professor and a lab to have a future. However, he had no work to publish after two years of research.

Former English major student hired as professor at US Naval Academy

Duong Tran Anh Duy has been hired at the US Naval Academy to work as an Assistant Professor of the Mathematics and Sciences Faculty. He will begin working on January 3, 2023.

Student from poor area pursues clever strategy to study abroad

Bui Thị Thanh Linh decided to use up all the savings she got from four years of working to buy a land plot, which ultimately allowed her to borrow enough money to study abroad. But her path was not an easy one.

The Lunar New Year of overseas Vietnamese students

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many overseas Vietnamese students will not be able to return to Vietnam to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year holidays (Tet).

Economics professor in the UK: you can contribute to homeland from abroad

“I chose to stay in the UK, not because I can find a good job here, but I believe that I still need more time to accumulate experience and money before I return to Vietnam and do something bigger,” said Trinh Quang Vu.


Vietnam ranks sixth among int’l students studying in US

Vietnam remains the sixth leading country of origin for all international higher education students in the US, with 21,631 students studying at American institutions in the academic year 2020-2021.

Vietnam ranks second in number of students in Japan

Vietnam has the second largest number of students in Japan, according to the latest statistics from the Japan Student Services Organisation (JASSO).

Journey to Harvard by a Vietnamese student

Graduating from Harvard University with a master's degree in Public Policy, Tran Ha Duong said that he thought the prestigious school was “completely beyond my reach”.

Hai Phong student wins full scholarship to renowned US school, will work at UN in 2021

As an excellent student at the Tran Phu High School for the Gifted in the northenr port city of Hai Phong, Hanh An thought she would study at an architecture or technology school. But she unexpectedly ‘drifted’ to Canada and then to the US.

NZ Embassy to organize virtual education showcase for Vietnamese students

In the context of COVID-19, Education New Zealand (ENZ) will adopt a new approach for Vietnamese students to discover and experience New Zealand’seducation through the virtual New Zealand Education Showcase, to be held on October 18.

VN Education Ministry to help Vietnamese students as US issues new visa rules

The Ministry of Education and Training has said that it will continue to work with relevant agencies to provide appropriate and timely support for Vietnamese students in the US as the US adjusts its visa regulations.


Ambassador advises Vietnamese students in US to remain calm amid new visa policy

Vietnamese Ambassador to the US Ha Kim Ngoc advised Vietnamese students studying in the US to stay calm and consult with their schools or universities regarding the US’s new foreign student visa policy.

'Downright unfair': Vietnamese students slam new US visa policy

A new visa policy in the US has put thousands of Vietnamese students at risk of deportation and left their academic and professional dreams in tatters.

Vietnamese millennials turn quarantine experiences into app

Returning to Vietnam on March 14, 22-year-old Nguyen Tuan Minh was among thousands of overseas students fleeing Europe after the continent becoming the global epicentre for COVID-19. 

HCM City to receive nearly 10,000 Vietnamese nationals from abroad

HCM City authorities are preparing to receive around 10,000 Vietnamese from Covid-19-affected countries.

International students overcome Covid-19 outbreak in Vietnam

Many international students have decided to stay in Vietnam during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Overseas Vietnamese students who choose to stay in pandemic-hit areas

Over the past few weeks, while a large number of overseas Vietnamese students have returned home amid COVID-19 concerns, others have decided to stay on in their host countries. 

Overseas students: stay put or return home

"Go home please, people are rushing home and so should you!"

Vietnamese flock home to avoid worst of outbreak

So-called humanitarian flights are bringing back overseas Vietnamese from Europe as the continent has become the new epicentre of the global health crisis.

Expat students should carefully consider before returning home: ministry

The Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) has recommended Vietnamese students abroad consider carefully before returning to Vietnam due to the risks of spreading COVID-19 and travel restrictions imposed by many countries.