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Early peach blossoms on Hanoi streets

Many early peach blossoms are being sold in Hanoi, signaling the approach of the Lunar New Year or Tet Holiday.

Peach blossom bloom on karst plateau

Not only known for buckwheat flower or yellow canola flower, the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang is blessed with the beauty of peach blossoms whenever February comes around.

A view of the spectacular peach blossoms in Nhat Tan Flower Village

Nhat Tan peach tree village in Tay Ho district has widely been considered one of the most picturesque areas in Hanoi for several of the past years. 

Hang Luoc flower market proves to be a hit among customers ahead of Tet

Situated on Hang Luoc street in Hanoi, the local flower market is currently packed with customers who are looking to purchase beautiful peach blossom branches or trees in the build up to the Lunar New Year or Tet.

Expensive imported flowers a hot item for Tet

As the Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday is less than two weeks away, people in HCM City and across the country are opening their wallets to buy special ornamental plants and imported flowers to decorate their homes for the nation's biggest festival.

First signs of spring beauty spotted on Hanoi streets

With just over three weeks to go until the Lunar New Year (Tet), many streets across Hanoi can be seen bearing festive decorations such as colourful bulbs, flowers, and numerous slogans.

Images: special peach trees not for sale, only for lease

 VietNamNet Bridge – For nearly a week, peach growers in Hanoi’s famous flower villages of Nhat Tan and Phu Thuong have displayed their products to serve this lunar New Year (Tet holiday).

Photos: Peach blossoms add Tet colour to Hanoi market

 Tet is in full bloom on the streets of Hanoi, nowhere more so than amid the peach blossoms and ornamental trees on display at the Quang An Market.

Image: Peach, plum flowers blossom in Ha Giang

 VietNamNet Bridge - After the lunar New Year, Ha Giang has become a kingdom of peach and plum flowers. This is the best time to visit.

Ha Giang in spring

 VietNamNet Bridge - In the spring, everything blossoms out and sprouts buds, even the barren land of Ha Giang also wakes up with vitality in each interstice of rock mounts, each earth-wall or fence.

Wild peach blossoms flood Hanoi streets

 VietNamNet Bridge – Ten days before the Lunar New Year or Tet holidays, the sidewalks of Lac Long Quan, Au Co and Hoang Hoa Tham streets have become flower markets.

Bikes carrying spring on Hanoi streets

 VietNamNet Bridge - More than 10 days before the Lunar New Year, peach flowers are sold on Hanoi streets.

The long end for national flower selection

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has submitted to the Government the plan on selecting the national flower of Vietnam.

Waste peaches flood Hanoi’s streets after Tet

After Tet, peach branches and trees are piled up along the road, on rubbish trucks or even burned on the road. According to the street sweepers, the clean-up of used peach branches will finish until the end of February.

Vietnamese Tet flower in foreign newspapers

New Year flowers, the unique culture of the Vietnamese people, have appeared in many international newspapers and magazines. Let's admire Tet flowers in many regions of the country, through the lens of the foreign reporters.

Hanoi’s flower village enters the season

VietNamNet Bridge - Nearly two weeks before the lunar New Year, the Nhat Tan flower village in Hanoi begins to be busy with on-the-spot transactions when many customers go to the village to buy peach and kumquat trees.

Expensive ornamental trees for Tet holiday

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Lunar New Year is the chance for people to see the most special ornamental trees.

Young people flock to visit the “royal garden”

Flower gardens in Nhat Tan village, Hanoi, have suddenly turned into natural parks with many ornaments and all sorts of brightly colored flowers. Young people flock to these gardens to pose for photos, though they have to pay entrance fees.