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Staff cutback plan fulfilled in 2021

The task on state apparatus streamlining set by the Politburo was fulfilled in 2021 for the first time. More than 10 percent of civil servant personnel and 11.67 percent of public employees at non-business public units have been cut.

Do public servants need a master's or doctoral degree?

The number of civil servants with doctoral and master's degrees in Vietnam in 2019 were 2,347 (0.8%) and 19,136 people (6.5%), respectively.

Ministry submits Tet holiday schedule to Prime Minister

The Ministry of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) has just proposed a nine-day Lunar New Year 2022 break following the consensus of 16 other ministries, agencies and organizations and submited the proposal to the PM for approval.

It is time to call for social responsibility from public servants

As the Covid-19 epidemic is still rampant, and natural disasters have become complicated, workers in the state sector have the advantage of securing jobs over those in the private sector.

Total number of civil servants in 2021 to fall by 3,867

The number of civil servants in 2021 will be 249,650, a decrease of 3,867 people compared to 2020, according to Decision 1499 signed by PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

Cultural czars are the last thing we need now

 If you are part of the civil service sector in the capital city, you might soon end up on the wrong side of the etiquette newly drawn up for public servants.

Hanoi: the ‘heart and soul' of Vietnam

 VietNamNet Bridge – Ha Noi will build on the benefits conferred by Law on the Capital City to make 2015 a successful year on many fronts, Mayor Nguyen The Thao tells the Viet Nam News Agency.

Half HCM City’s state agency officials cannot use email

 As many as 50 per cent of leaders at state departments and agencies in HCM City do not know how to use their work emails, said a local official.

1mil public servants declare personal assets, only one penalized for dishonesty

More than 944,000 officials and public servants had to declare their assets, but only five cases were verified and only one was punished for dishonesty, according to a Government Inspectorate report released on September 15.

Public servants should earn jobs

VietNamNet Bridge – Viet Nam should add conditional terms to public servant contracts, former Deputy Director of the National Assembly Office Tran Quoc Thuan told Dai doan ket newspaper.

Public servants to pay for mistakes

 VietNamNet Bridge – Public servants who create unnecessary costs during the administration of projects and legal proceedings - and in the enforcement of judgments can now be forced to re-imburse the State with up to 36 months of their salary.

Many officials fail in scale upgrading examination

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Home Affairs has said that in the recent personnel scale upgrade examination for public servants, about 30 percent of the participants failed, most of them are officials.

District deputy chairwoman criticized for drunkenness at work

"I do not like drinking because drinking only bring about diseases. But in this position, receiving guests is also business," explained Mrs. Cut Thi Nguyen, deputy chair of Ky Son district, Nghe An province.

Wage reform is delayed, why?

VietNamNet Bridge - After several times of delays, the salary reform scheme of the Government cannot be submitted to the upcoming Central Party Conference again.

44 percent of public servants earn from meetings

A sociological survey of the Government Inspectorate and the World Bank recently announced that 80 percent of persons with social positions and powers have non-salary income, in which allowances from meetings account for 55 percent.

Civil servant recruitment to be computerized

VietNamNet Bridge – The recruitment of civil servants will be computerized, in the form of tests and the contestants will know the result right after the test, says the Minister of Home Affair, Nguyen Thai Binh.