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The natural lifestyle and return to nature has prompted the wealthy to spend a lot of money to own a living space in the middle of nature.

Land plots for sale abound in many provinces

The real estate market is witnessing a boom in land plots for sale in many provinces as new projects are rolled out in large numbers.

Land prices in a whirl in 2021

Prices at land auctions in the last months of the year have been climbing to new highs.

Real estate 2021: sales rise despite high prices, Covid-19

Contrary to all predictions, real estate prices continued to rise in 2021 despite Covid-19, which was expected to affect demand.

Thu Thiem land auction puts an end to sale of public land at low prices

Four land plots in advantageous positions in the new urban area of Thu Thiem in HCM City were sold for VND37.346 trillion through an auction recently.

VND2.4 billion per square meter: is land in Vietnam the most expensive in the world?

One of the businesses participating in a bidding session on December 10, 2021 had to pay VND2.4 billion per one square meter to obtain a land plot in Thu Thiem new urban area. The sky high price has raised worries rather than joy.

People rush to buy property, fearing high inflation

Concerns about high inflation are causing many people to buy properties to hoard.

Retailers leave apartment buildings, shophouses close

Many retailers have left apartment buildings where they had done business for years. Some shophouses on the first floor of buildings are deserted and dark in Hanoi at night.

Fitch predicts steady contracted sales for Vietnamese homebuilders

The Vietnamese government expects to review and approve a new land law in 2022, which Fitch expects will offer clearer guidance on the land use, valuation and compensation.


Land and house prices soar, buyers worried

Property prices keep rising despite Covid-19. Some apartments have seen prices soar by VND500 million over a period of several months.

Shophouses left idle for half a year as retailers suspend business

Shophouses, which are considered ‘money spinners’, have been unused for many months amid the impact of the pandemic. They cannot be sold or leased.

What will land cost in HCM City in 2022?

If HCM City increases the land price coefficient too sharply and makes it closer to the market price, this will cause difficulties for land users and affect social welfare, analysts say.

Domestic hospitality market set for strong recovery

The domestic hospitality market is expected to recover strongly with the gradual resumption of domestic and international tourism, though the Ministry of Constructionwarns that it might not all be plain sailing.


Vietnamese investors pour money into realty bonds despite China’s Evergrande case

Realty bonds often catch special attention in the primary market thanks to attractive interest rates, even though warnings are often issued about their risks.

The ‘war of nerves’ between landlords and tenants

Many shop owners have had to suspend their business and give back their premises to landlords because of the impact of Covid-19. But, surprisingly, despite low demand, many landlords have still raised rental prices.

Land prices up in Hanoi, down in HCMC and neighboring provinces: report

Land prices in Hanoi stayed at high price levels in the third quarter, while they decreased slightly by 5-7 percent in some projects in HCM City, according to Ministry of Construction’s (MOC) real estate bulletin on the third quarter.

Southern real estate market will recover quickly: experts

After more than four months of slowing down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the property market in the south is regaining strength and there are optimistic signs of a recovery thanks to demand still exceeding supply.

Real estate market attracts more than US$2 billion in FDI

Vietnam’s real estate market has attracted US$2.12 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) over the past 10 months, ranking third among sectors attracting FDI this year, according to the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

‘Three-no bonds’ raise concerns

Some lots of real estate bonds issued under private offerings are expected to become due by the year end. The solvency of issuers amid the difficulties caused by Covid-19 remains questionable.

Construction Ministry proposes VND65 trillion credit package for social housing development

The Ministry of Construction (MOC) is seeking approval from the Prime Minister for a VND65 trillion credit package as a part of socio-economic recovery in the post-Covid period.