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Corporate bond issuances have revealed the presence of Tan Hoang Minh in a number of slow-moving projects in Hanoi.

News about auction leaks out, land prices rise

Some localities have not strictly followed procedures when auctioning land.

House prices in HCM City climb to new highs

Apartment prices, which have have been increasing over the last 10 years, continued to rise in Q1.

Ministry of Construction vows to control real estate brokers

The Ministry of Construction said that it plans to set strict regulations to tighten control over real estate brokers. There are about 300,000 brokers in Vietnam.

COVID-hit rental property market starts to warm up

The COVID-19-hit rental real estate market is bouncing back from hibernation as the successful vaccination campaign nationwide has allowed the reopening of economic activities, pushing up demand.

Shops, other commercial spaces in downtown HCM City still find no lessees

Commercial spaces on HCM City’s main streets do not have many takers since rentals remain too high.

Land prices soar, 5-year savings not enough to buy land plot

Land prices have been escalating not only in large cities but rural areas as well.

Vietnam needs to standardise real estate brokerage

Vietnam's real estate market needs stricter regulations to standardise real estate brokers for the domestic property market to operate transparently.


Vietnam's real estate market riding high

Favourable factors, including the Government’s support packages and the reopening of tourism, have given a fresh impetus to the real estate market.

High housing prices deprive young people of home ownership

Affordable housing in HCM City has all but disappeared.

Transparency, increased supply are needed in real estate market

Improving supply and providing transparent information about property projects are the most important solutions that will help prevent speculation.

Property tax will not prevent speculation: experts

Imposing property taxes on houses is not a radical solution to build a healthy market, experts say. Taxation will make the real estate market, which is in difficulties because of legal problems and short supply, become even more deadlocked.

What’s behind sky-high bid prices at land auctions?

Inflating land prices via auctions is one of the biggest problems of the real estate market. It creates an artificial land fever in the market and deprives people of opportunities to own accommodations.

After Thu Thiem auction, people queue up to buy land worth millions of dollars

Though the winners of Thu Thiem land auctions withdrew their purchase contracts, the land market in HCM City remains hot, and the prices of some projects are escalating.

Finance Ministry's proposed property tax on houses sparks controversy

While some people support the Ministry of Finance’s (MOF) plan to tax houses, others warn that taxation is not feasible and this may bring the opposite effect.

Realty market sees boom in M&A deals since the start of 2022

Many large enterprises are signing M&A deals for projects that are currently on hold, and then quickly finishing construction to bring the products to market in a short time frame.


Billions of dollars expected to flow to Vietnam amid Russia-Ukraine war

Liquidity has increased sharply over the last three trading sessions, especially since February 24, when Russia triggered the latest war with Ukraine. Cash flow is strong with liquidity of VND30 trillion each trading session.

Realtors head for central region

Real estate developers are eyeing the central region, and planning to develop large projects there, according to DKRA Vietnam.

Increased inspections and document preparations contribute to housing shortage in HCM City

Real estate developers are spending more time preparing documents for investment and many projects are under legal examination or inspection, contributing to a housing shortage.

Investors of delayed housing projects to be fined

Investors of housing projects that lag behind schedule will be fined VND400-600 million each, according to the Government’s newly-issued regulations.