To Lich River remains polluted

The water in Hanoi's To Lich River has returned to its familiar polluted and foul-smelling state after running clear for a few days.

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To Lich River remains polluted
Hanoi's To Lich River was briefly clear and green after the city's sewage and drainage company discharged water from West Lake to refresh the river. — Photo

On July 9, Ha Noi Sewage and Drainage Company opened two discharge gates from West Lake into the river by Trich Sai Street in Tay Ho District, refreshing the water and turning it green.

The move was part of the city's attempt to use water from West Lake to refresh To Lich River, but it seems the change was only temporary.

Now, the flow of water from the lake has been cut off and the company’s workers are dredging mud from the bed of the river in an attempt to make a more lasting change, reported.
In the section of river by Nguyen Dinh Hoan Street, Cau Giay District, dead fish float on the surface.

Tran Van Tien, a resident living on the street, said the fish have been dying since Friday, giving off a rancid odour.


The river has become severely polluted in recent years. Although its sides have embankments, sewage systems and waste thrown directly into the river have caused sedimentation and slowed its flow.

The company hopes dredging the metre-thick mud from the riverbed will speed the river's flow and solve the issue.

The city’s People’s Committee has lined up two projects to clean up To Lich River.

The first proposal aims to use millions of cubic metres of water each year from the Hong (Red) River to refresh the water supply in West Lake and the river.

Adding cleaner water may help, but people living around the river said it could not be improved if untreated wastewater continues to be discharged into the river.


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