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Tik Toker No O No, who criticized the poor, was boycotted by the community and forced to shut down by the authorities. He is not the first Tik Toker that has posted bad content on social networks.

Google, Facebook, TikTok, Apple and other int'l platforms pay VND1.8 trillion in tax

The amount of tax paid by cross-border platforms such as Google, Meta and Netflix in January-October 2022 was VND1.8 trillion, according to Dang Ngoc Minh, Deputy General Director of the General Department of Taxation (GDT).

Foreign social networking services dominate nearly 70 percent of market share

Answering questions from deputies at the National Assembly session, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung revealed that foreign social networking services dominate nearly 70% of the market share of online advertising revenue.

NA deputies suggest tougher sanctions for violation of law on social networks

Out of more than 30 million internet users in Vietnam, about 87.5 percent are using social networks in the age group of 15-34 accounting for 71 percent.

Handling of harmful information needs joint efforts: NA deputies

The removal of harmful information on social networks as a countermeasure requires the involvement of competent agencies as well as the close coordination among State management agencies, legislators have said.

Vietnamese spend hours a day on mobile apps, social networks

People under the age of 26 in Vietnam spend more than seven hours a day on mobile apps such as Facebook, Youtube, Zalo, Tik Tok, Facebook Messenger and Shopee, among others.

TikTok: success for those who dare to go against the majority and lessons for VN

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg could not find a way to turn the attack on TikTok. He said that TikTok is a threat to America's values and technology position.

Fake messages on social networks pose threats to individuals and businesses

Fake messages can spread rapidly on social networks, becoming dangerous tools that harm individuals and businesses.

Facebook down on Monday night, Vietnamese clamor for access

Vietnamese are heavily reliant on Facebook as a communication channel, as was clear when Facebook had an outage Monday night.

Why do celebrities speak rudely on social networks?

Many celebrities with no community responsibility behave inappropriately, using undisciplined speech, regardless of the consequences.

There’s no excuse for offending other people’s honor and dignity: official

No one has the right to infringe upon the body, life, honor and dignity of other people, for any reason, said Truong Quoc Anh, officer of the People’s Procuracy and a social network user.

Social networks used to help each other during the pandemic

In many places, Facebook pages have become the tool to distribute mainstream information by local agencies, such as the people’s committees and health divisions of wards and communes during the pandemic.

Social media corrupting our behavior: official

The utility of social networks is depraving the behavior of many people. Be wary of negative effects from the ‘virtual’ world, said Nguyen Thanh Lam, Director of the Authority of Press under the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC).

Parents warned about posting photos of children on social networks

In the past, Vietnamese people were willing to provide personal information and their photos, but many have decided to stop doing this because of certain risks.

Agencies urged to handle livestreams and chat groups with bad content

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has asked provincial and municipal authorities to strengthen management and handle violations of information on social networks.

Vietnam’s social networks run race with the world’s technology giants

Governments around the world are trying to restrain the power of technology giants, which presents a great opportunity for Vietnam’s social networks to establish their foothold with their own characteristics.

Police urge Hanoi students to use social networks properly

To improve security and safety of social network environments for students, especially secondary students, Hanoi’s Bac Tu Liem district has implemented the pilot model "For a healthy environment on social networks”.

Vietnam takes drastic measures to clean up toxic content on social media: official

Popular Vietnamese TikTok user Tho Nguyen recently caused outrage online by posting videos about Kuman Thong dolls online, asking the dolls to bless her studies after "receiving many requests from children".

Modern Vietnamese farmers: wear suits, sit in Hanoi and feed fowl in Dak Lak

Many Vietnamese farmers just need to press a button to grow vegetables and raise pigs, and click a mouse to sell vegetables in the global market.

Men arrested for Facebook posts defaming leaders

Police in the central province of Quang Tri on February 10 launched legal proceedings against two men for compiling and spreading documents with defamatory contents via social networks.