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The heavy rain on an early morning in April could not stop Dinh Thi Thao and her friends starting their rounds of small houses on the outskirts of Hanoi.

High school student devotes to charity works

A high school student in Gia Lai Province has set up 15 charity projects to help students from low-income families.

Overcoming difficulties with determination

Duong Huu Phuc, a third-year student at the Ha Noi University of Business and Technology’s Department of Architecture, carefully draws his homework on a computer in a slum along Nguyen Khoai Street in Hanoi

Students earn their fees during Tet

 VietNamNet Bridge – HCM City householders are always in need of house cleaning and housekeeping services as Tet (Lunar New Year) draws near.

Slow buses keep Hanoi's modern student apartments empty

 VietNamNet Bridge – The dust is settling and taps remain dry in thousands of rental apartments in the newly built Phap Van-Tu Hiep residential quarter for students. Despite the complex's modern infrastructure and reasonable rental fee,

Four died by alcohol in Quang Ninh

Four people in the northern Quang Ninh Province were reported to have died between December 2-4 after drinking alcohol made from sticky rice.

Bright young broadcasters take over the airwaves

 VietNamNet Bridge – Nguyen Thanh, a student at Ha Noi University, finds it difficult to express his emotions to his girlfriend. So he was grateful when he discovered student-run Tito Radio.

Students may have to attend math, literature exams to finish high schools

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam plans to make big changes with its national education system after 2015. Students would have two exam subjects for the finals – math and literature – instead of six as currently.

Student motorcyclist swaps his hog for a dog

VietNamNet Bridge – The idea of a motorbike that can be adjusted to suit the different physical shapes of its users and offers this convenience while driving has just been realised in the graduate thesis of Duong Minh Khanh,

High-school students to have only three compulsory subjects

Under the draft plan of the Vietnamese comprehensive education renovation, Vietnam will still maintain the 12-year general education system, including the 9-year basic education for primary and secondary education.

Students made to sweat in accommodation scramble

 VietNamNet Bridge – Trinh Nguyet Minh sits down at the small folded table, wipes the sweat from her face and attentively opens her pamphlet offering advice to first-year university students.

Marine police receives three modern patrol ships

 Three more well-equipped ships were handed over to the Vietnam Marine Police to increase their patrol capacity in the country’s territorial waters.

Junior colleges can no longer exist?

 VietNamNet Bridge – After people-founded universities, it’s now junior colleges which have voiced the complaints about the lack of students.

Hanoi Medical School’s excellent student doesn’t want to join army

 VietNamNet Bridge – Nguyen Huu Tien, who came first at the national entrance exams to the Hanoi Medical University, the most prestigious school in the training major, may go soldiering instead of going to school.

Vietnamese big guys jump into educational sectors

 VietNamNet Bridge – Despite the big economic difficulties, Vietnamese families still allocate big budgets for their children’s study. This has made the educational service sector so lucrative that everyone wants a share in it.

High schools lower required marks to attract more students

 VietNamNet Bridge – A lot of state-owned high schools have to set the minimum required marks lower than last year’s levels in order to attract more 10th graders.

School graduates tend to seek jobs via Internet

Looking for jobs and seeking workers on job websites have become the top choice for candidates and employers, because the method allows them to have things done in the quickest and most effective ways.

Students flock to HCM City for university entrance exams

 VietNamNet Bridge – This morning, July 1, thousands of students in southern provinces flocked to HCM City to prepare for the university entrance examinations on July 4 and 9.

Students practice reading at preparatory class for university entrance exams

 VietNamNet Bridge – This odd thing took place in a preparatory class for university entrance exams in Hanoi.

Unmarketable degrees

Being proud of passing the university entrance exams after four years of study, many students face a bitter reality when they cannot find a good job. Even bachelors with excellent diplomas only wish to get a job.