Update news suicide

 VietNamNet Bridge - The woman is believed to have driven a motorbike to the middle of the bridge and threw the child sitting behind her into the river and then plunging herself to the river, too.

Phu Yen: Old woman burns herself at courthouse

VietNamNet Bridge – At around 7 am on July 5, many people panicked when they saw an elderly woman pouring gasoline on her body and burning herself at the drawing-room of the court.

Hanoi: Schoolgirl commits suicide for engraft photo on Facebook

 VietNamNet Bridge - Just because her portrait was engrafted into the picture of a girl wearing an off-the-shoulder blouse, a newly high school graduate committed suicide with pesticide.

New study explores motivations behind suicide attempts

Suicide attempts motivated by internal factors, such as hopelessness and unbearable pain, were performed with the greatest desire to die, according to a new Canadian study that digs deep into suicide motivations.

Train pushes man down into Saigon River

VietNamNet Bridge – On the morning of June 3, a man was hit by a train on Binh Loi Bridge, HCM City, and fell down to the Saigon River.

Hanoi: 20 police officers rescue a suicidal woman

 VietNamNet Bridge – Nearly 20 police officers in Hanoi rescued a young girl who attempted  suicide on May 28.

Suicide rates rise sharply among middle-aged U.S. adults: report

Suicide rates among middle-aged Americans are on the rise, according to a report issued on Thursday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Vietnamese bride hang herself in South Korea

VietNamNet Bridge - After seven years of marriage, Mrs. Truc was alleged to "willful suicide" in her husband's house in the city of Busan. The victim’s family has asked the authorities to clarify the incident.

Forbidden to marry, young couple burn themselves in motel

They wanted to get married but their families disagreed; a young man poured gasoline on his body and his girlfriend’s body and kindled a fire. One died and one was seriously injured.

Frenchman jumps from 19th floor to the ground

VietNamNet Bridge – While the police were searching his room, a foreign man who was related to the salacious case against children jumped from the 19th floor and died on the spot.

Another Vietnamese bride commits suicide in Korea

According to the Vietnamese Embassy in South Korea, a Vietnamese woman named Nguyen Thi Diem Trinh was determined to have committed suicide in the city of Gumi, South Korea, on January 16.

Director of local TV station commits suicide

VietNamNet Bridge – Mr. Phan Thanh Van, Director of the Radio and Television Station of Long An Province, was found dead in the hanging position in his home in Tan An city, Long An province on December 4.

Vietnamese woman in South Korea commits suicide with two children

VietNamNet Bridge - A Vietnamese woman committed suicide with her two children in the port city of Busan, South Korea, on November 23.