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Experts have urged Vietnam to prepare accommodations to get ready to receive so-called "eagles" to Vietnam.

Ministries want to amend luxury tax policy to ease automobile prices

The prices of domestically assembled automobiles are expected to go down once the luxury tax policy is amended. Strategic small-capacity and fuel saving models will be given priority.


Electric vehicles to be subject to tax incentives in Vietnam

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoIT) has said it is cooperating with the Ministry of Finance to consider the provision of tax incentives to encourage the development and use of electric vehicles in Vietnam.

Vietnam needs new requirements for foreign investors

Vietnam needs to be more selective when receiving foreign direct investment  (FDI), and should set requirements, just as foreign investors do in exchange for being able to invest in Vietnam, experts say.


Business stories: The bosses with the most leisure time

Company presidents Tran Dinh Long and Dang Thi Hoang Yen have time to go to cafés and don’t attend shareholder meetings.

FIEs in Vietnam: big enterprises incur big losses, electronics manufacturers thrive

The Ministry of Finance (MOF), after analyzing the 2019 finance reports of foreign invested enterprises (FIEs), has found a contrast in the business performance of the enterprises.

Billions of dollars flow to Vietnam through M&As

Analysts say a series of large M&A deals will be made in 2021.

Vietnamese businesses burdened with taxes, FIEs at ease with tax exemptions

Studies have found that Vietnam’s taxation system offers many incentives to foreign invested enterprises (FIEs), but puts an increasingly heavy burden on Vietnamese enterprises and people.

Mekong Delta shrimp prices fall as COVID-19 hits demand

Shrimp prices have plummeted in the Mekong Delta since global demand has been hit severely by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Association calls for consistent tax incentives for social housing developers

Tax incentives for developers of social housing projects for lease should be made clear and consistent to encourage private investment in the segment, according to the HCM City Real Estate Association.

Covid-19 crisis can offer opportunity for Vietnam to expand role in global supply chain

The difficulties in the global pandemic are opportunities for Vietnam to expand its role in the global supply chain.

High vulnerability rate of businesses in Covid-19 expected

The human mortality rate due to Covid-19 is 3.4 percent worldwide. For businesses, the vulnerability rate is believed to be much higher.

When will the Vietnamese automobile dream come true?

Vietnam still has to import car parts for domestic assembling. As a result, the production cost is high and domestically made products remain less competitive than imports.

Vinfast subsidizes VND300 million for every car sold

VinFast, the automobile manufacturer belonging to Vingroup, said it is selling cars at a loss.

Fuel-saving hybrid cars not favored in Vietnam

Hybrid, PHEV and EV engines help reduce harmful emissions and save fuel, but they are not favored in Vietnam because of the lack of encouragement measures.

Cashless payment remains low in Vietnam: CIEM

The ratio of cashless payments in Vietnam remains low, standing at only 11.49 percent of total means of payment, according to a recent report from the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM).

What will the automobile market be like in 2019?

VietNamNet Bridge - With the predicted recovery of car imports, the Vietnamese automobile market in 2019 is expected to heat up. 

Vietnamese enterprises yield to FIEs on home field

VietNamNet Bridge - Economists have called for a rewriting of the rules to create a level playing field in which foreign invested enterprises (FIEs) and Vietnamese have equal opportunities.

FIEs complain about overtime hours, compulsory social insurance

Foreign invested enterprises (FIEs) complain that regulations related to the use of laborers are creating difficulties for their operations.

Next-generation FDI: what’s the new strategy?

VietNamNet Bridge - The draft strategy on attracting FDI in 2018-2023 is being compiled by the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) with support from the World Bank.