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Education regulations about teachers' ethical conduct stir concern

The new circulars released by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) not only have raised concern about the criteria for ranking teachers’ qualifications, but also the criteria about professional ethics.

Teachers overcome difficulties to help disadvantaged kids

Bumpy roads cannot stop teachers in the northwestern mountainous province of Son La from fulfilling their mission of teaching pupils in remote schools.

Male pre-school teacher battles stigma

Nguyen Phuong Binh, a young man from southern Ben Tre Province, has always got on well with children, so naturally he had ambitions of becoming a teacher.

A teacher who banished illiteracy from of a commune

 VietNamNet Bridge – Two days of travel in a truck on a very bumpy road that rattled every bone in the body.

High school teacher dismayed about students’ lack of life skills

An informal survey of students’ life skills found that 12th graders lack general knowledge which they should have learned many years ago.

Teacher stabbed to death at Leeds school

 A teacher has been stabbed to death in front of pupils inside a school in Leeds. Spanish teacher Anne Maguire, 61, was taken to hospital following the attack but later pronounced dead.

HCMC teacher offers lesson in compassion

 VietNamNet Bridge – "Bang Tuyet" means ice and snow, but this teacher -- who decided overnight to devote her life to helping children with Down syndrome and autism -- has a warm heart that contradicts the coldness of her name.

Teacher cut poor students’ sandals, raising public anger

 VietNamNet Bridge – A teacher of a high school in the southern province of Hau Giang seized 14 pairs of sandals from students and cut the other 5 pairs because the students violated the regulations saying that they have to go to school in uniform.

VN lacks teachers, has redundant pedagogical bachelors

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Education and Training’s report that Vietnam lacks 27,000 teachers is believed not to truly reflect the real situation.

Teachers to give comments, not marks, to first graders

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has allowed primary schools not to give marks to students for their school works. The teachers would only make comments and give advice to help students improve their study capability.

High quality kindergartens born in masses

VietNamNet Bridge - There are no regulations about high quality kindergartens but a lot of schools in HCMC still introduce themselves as high quality kindergartens, collecting high tuition fees for the committed high quality

Students practice reading at preparatory class for university entrance exams

 VietNamNet Bridge – This odd thing took place in a preparatory class for university entrance exams in Hanoi.

Teacher lets Paracel history do the talking Paracel lectures on Paracels archipelago

At secondary schools in Mo Duc District in the coastal province of Quang Ngai, teachers lecture every year about Viet Nam's sovereignty over the Hoang Sa (Paracel) Archipelago.

Adults are the…barrier to sex education

The policy on saying “no” to pre-marriage sex and the scrutiny kept by parents and teachers are the biggest barriers to the sexual health education to minors.

Only a few of general schools in Vietnam can meet standards

The new standards for general education accreditation applied as of January 2013 have made schools puzzled, because they don’t know what they have to do to be recognized as the national standard schools.