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Professor Dr. Tran Dinh Thien, a member of the Government Economic Council talks about the important role of private economy in national economic development.

Covid-19 crisis leads to opportunity to expand markets

2020 is a special year for Vietnam because of the 4.0 industry revolution and Covid-19 outbreak.

State urged to remove barriers to pave way for private sector

Over the last 10 years, Vietnam’s private enterprises have not developed t their great potential.

Concerns raised over Vietnam’s North-South high-speed project

The tentative total investment for the North-South high-speed railway, according to the Ministry of Planning and Investment, is about $26 billion, $32.7 billion less than the previous proposal by the Ministry of Transport.

Mexico’s growth model could lead to same mistakes in Vietnam: experts

Vietnam is following an export-based growth model, striving to become a production base for multinational groups.

Vietnam’s economy: qualitative changes needed

VietNamNet Bridge - For a small-scale economy, high growth rates will not be enough to create big value, according to economist Tran Dinh Thien.

Economic alliance members in central region fight, don’t unite

VietNamNet Bridge - The link among economic and industrial areas in the Central Region Key Economic Zone remains very weak after 10 years of development. 

Economists concerned about maintaining high growth rate

The head of the Vietnam Economics Institute, Tran Dinh Thien, is not optimistic about the foreign invested enterprise sector (FIEs), though it is considered the brightest spot in the economy. 

Current policies drive people to civil service: economist

Vietnam has 30.5 civil servants for every 1,000 people, a high proportion compared with other regional countries such as Indonesia (17.64), the Philippines (13.02) and Singapore (25.69).

Vietnam’s economic growth patterns questioned by experts

VietNamNet Bridge - The unexpected jump in the GDP growth rate in the third quarter of the year remains controversial.

Central region: advantages could become disadvantages

Economists have warned that if natural resource advantages cannot be exploited well, they will end up becoming critical disadvantages in the central region, hindering economic development.

Little-known facts about VN Prime Minister’s advisory team

VietNamNet Bridge - The Prime Minister’s advisory team includes 13 members who are experts in many business fields.

Why does China win bids so easily in Vietnam?

The recent incident in which two Chinese contractors suddenly abandoned their contracts in VN has aroused great concern. VietNamNet talks with Tran Dinh Thien, Head of the Vietnam Economics Institute, about this issue.