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Several banks reportedly are offering annual pay of VND8 billion to experienced foreign CEOs.

Low CAR spells doom for state-owned banks

State-owned commercial banks are growing concerned over the critically low capital adequacy ratio (CAR) of around 9 per cent, which also hit the minimum required CAR for the Vietnamese banking system.

Banks sprint to list shares on bourse

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese commercial banks are very busy these days with plans to launch IPOs, call for capital, seek strategic partners, and list shares on the bourse.

Banks divesting shares to clear cross-ownership status

Many divestment deals have been made by commercial banks this month. Most of the businesses in which banks have withdrawn capital have made only modest profits and have had unsatisfactory business results.

Anticipating high credit growth rate, banks predict huge profits

Most commercial banks responding to a survey by the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) said their business performance had seen considerable improvement in the third quarter, and they expect high profits this year.

The three biggest risks in doing business in Vietnam

Injecting money in non-core business fields, experimenting in real estate projects, and having a bad financial foundation are the three most significant risks facing the business environment in Vietnam.

Vietnam banks surviving on credit

The net interest margin (NIM) of Vietnamese banks is lower than that of other regional banks, while financial reports show that the business performance of the banks depends heavily on credit.

Low-interest bank loans expected at year-end

VietNamNet Bridge - Analysts believe that banks at year-end will ease interest rates, which will make loans more accessible for businesses.

Personal consumer credit becoming lucrative business

VietNamNet Bridge - FE Credit is leading the consumer finance market with $1.4 billion worth of loans provided in 2016, accounting for 48 percent of market share. 

Banks pay shares instead of dividends, raising controversy

VietNamNet Bridge - Many banks have said they will pay dividends in shares instead of cash, causing concern among investors. 

How should weak banks be restructured?

While the State Bank (SBV) has legalized the use of state money to support the restructuring of weak banks, it has not specified where the government will get the money to pump into the banks.

Banks report satisfactory profits, increased bad debts

VietNamNet Bridge - Banks’ finance reports in 2016 show good news and bad news. Most of them had profits higher than the year before, but the number of non-performing loans increased.

Cross-ownership status in banks difficult to stop

The State Bank, while admitting that it is difficult to eliminate cross-ownership in commercial banks, said in many cases, institutions and individuals borrow money from credit institutions to buy bank stakes or contribute capital to banks.

The financial picture of Vietnam's 10 largest banks

VietNamNet Bridge - Profits from lending still make up a large proportion of banks’ total profits, but bad debt remains a problem.

Big banks pay high volume of deposit interest in 2016

VietNamNet Bridge - More than VND100 trillion was paid by the eight biggest commercial banks to depositors in 2016. 

VND/USD exchange rate remains relatively stable in 2016

VietNamNet Bridge - The dong/dollar exchange rate remained stable for most of 2016 thanks to important government and State Bank policies, and resources of the national economy.

How will three state-owned banks raise charter capital?

Of the three state-owned banks, the largest in the economy, BIDV has the lowest CAR (capital adequacy ratio). 

Who is No 1 among the three biggest banks?

BIDV is the No 1 bank in terms of total assets and VietinBank is No 1 in stockholder equity, networks and high pay for workers.

To raise funds, large corporations prefer bonds to bank loans

VietNamNet Bridge - Large corporations say they would rather issue corporate bonds to mobilize capital than borrow from banks because of the lower cost. 

Figures show how foreign retailers are conquering Vietnam's market

VietNamNet Bridge - Thai, Japanese, American and French retail giants are speeding up their plans to conquer the Vietnamese market.