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Over the past 30 years, Vietnam's fertility rate has fallen dramatically. The total fertility rate (TFR) fell from 3.8 children/woman in 1989 to 2.09 children/woman in 2019.

More Vietnamese choose to marry, have children at later age

Getting married at an older age, being 'afraid' of giving birth and expecting to have only one child are alarming facts in Vietnam, especially when the country’s aging is four times faster than that of other countries.

Vietnam to enter “elderly population structure” in 2026: study

Vietnam will enter the “elderly population structure” in 2026, which will last for 28 years until 2054, according to an in-depth study of the 2019 population and housing census.

Vietnam to enter aging population stage in 2026

Twenty percent of Vietnam’s population will be 60 years of age or older within the next 20 years, resulting in the country experiencing an “elderly population crisis”.

Vietnam to have 1.5 million 'surplus' adult males by 2034: analysis

Vietnam faces a significantly imbalanced sex ratio at birth (SRB) that will mean by 2034, about 1.5 million men will not be able to marry wives, a study by the General Statistics Office and the United Nations Population Fund has found.

Aging in Vietnam: The elderly to account for 20.4% by 2050

It takes Vietnam only 20 years to transform from 7% to 14% of the population aged 65 and over.

Vietnam likely to become super-aging country by 2050: deputy minister

Vietnam entered an “aging phase” in 2011 and remains among the most rapidly aging countries in the world and, as such, might become a super-aging country by 2050, stated Deputy Minister of Health Truong Quoc Cuong.

Which provinces have the highest birth rate in Vietnam?

Vietnam currently has 33 provinces with high birth rates, including many economically developed localities.

Census: Vietnam has over 96.2 million population

Vietnam had a total population of over 96.2 million people as of April 1, 2019, with males accounting for 49.8 percent and females 50.2 percent, according to the population and housing census 2019.

Vietnam sees fastest population ageing in Asia

Vietnam is one of the countries with the fastest population ageing in Asia with the transition period from the population ageing period to the aged population period is about 17-20 years, an official has said.


Vietnam successfully controls population growth

Over the recent past, population work in Vietnam has achieved important results, said Nguyen Doan Tu, Director General of the General Department of Population and Family Planning.


Vietnam to soon grapple with aging population

Elderly Vietnamese to account for a quarter of the population by 2049, according to General Office for Population and Family Planning.

Vietnam's population reaches 91.7 million

 The country’s population is estimated at 91.7 million this year, an increase of 974,900 people, equivalent to a 1.07% increase, compared to 2014.

Population Agency advises people to not have only one child

"Previously our slogan was each couple should have one to two children; our current message is let’s have two children, having two children is the best,” said the chief of the General Department of Population – Mr. Duong Quoc Trong.

The first images of Vietnam’s 90 millionth citizen

 VietNamNet Bridge – Baby girl Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung, born at 2h45 am on November 1, weighing 3.2 kg, was chosen as the 90 millionth citizen of Vietnam.

Vietnam’s population hits 90 million

 VietNamNet Bridge - With nearly 89 million people, Vietnam has become the 13th most populous country in the world and 3rd in Southeast Asia.