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Railway sector asks grapples with limited funds, outdated locomotives

For years, the railway industry has grappled with the challenge of sourcing significant funds to replace outdated locomotives and carriages to meet regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Over US$310 million earmarked for VN's rail infrastructure development this year

Six projects worth over 7.4 trillion VND (310.46 million USD) are expected to begin this year serving railway infrastructure upgrade.

Railway network aims to turn tide against low-cost airlines, cars with improved service

The railway industry is striving to regain its past glory after decades of struggling to compete with low-cost airlines and flexible car transport.

Five railway routes planned for HCM City by 2030

HCM City has planned to build five railway routes by 2030. The projects have been added to the national railway network development plan for 2030 approved by the prime minister.

Railway companies report profits after two years of losses

Hanoi and Saigon railway companies, the two subsidiaries of the Vietnam Railway Corporation (VNR), reported their respective after-tax profits of almost VND35.2 billion and over VND38.3 billion in January-September.

$74.7 million needed to upgrade weak railway bridges

The Vietnam Railways Corporation has asked the Ministry of Transport to allocate over $74.7 million for the reparation and upgrade of weak railway bridges in the 2022 – 2023 period.

High-speed railways and Vietnam's options

High-speed railways in countries around the world currently run at a speed of 200-250km/hour. Vietnam plans to have a high-speed railway system in the next 10 years, but so far it has not yet been able to choose technology and train speed.

Entangled in regulations, VNR unable to spend VND3 trillion to maintain railways

Since ministries have not agreed on a capital allocation mechanism, companies have not been able to sign railway maintenance contracts.

Mechanisms needed to attract capital to railway sector

Vietnam wants to raise up to US$10.5 billion for national railway development in the next 10 years.

Detailed policies required to successfully call investment in railway

Detailed policies on attracting investment in the railway industry are needed to meet the country’s ambitious VND240 trillion (US$10.5 billion) railway development plan in the next ten years, experts said.

Vietnam-Europe freight train opens up new transport route: experts

The freight train from Vietnam to Europe is operating very well after putting into operation for more than four months, according to Tran The Hung, General Director of Rail Transport and Trade Joint Stock Company (Ratraco).

Valuable lessons learned from urban railway delays

Most urban railway projects in Vietnam are behind schedule, resulting in an increased need for investment capital.

Vietnam seeks VND90 trillion to build railways connected to seaports

Vietnam Railway Authority (VRA) has submitted a plan to call for foreign investment in two railways to be connected to the Lach Huyen and Cai Mep – Thi Vai ports.

Vietnam railway system needs reform

Vietnam’s railways have become out of date after 100 years of use. Developing high-speed railways is a solution that has been discussed for years but no decision has ever been made.

Railway sector calls for foreign investments in six projects

The Vietnam Railway Authority has proposed the Ministry of Transport call for foreign investments in six projects.

Transport Ministry opposes import of 37 old train carriages from Japan

The Ministry of Transport has rejected a proposal of the Vietnam Railway Corporation (VNR) to import 37 train carriages manufactured from 1979 to 1982 from Japan, said Deputy Minister Nguyen Ngoc Dong.

Vietnam to build nine new railways by 2030

Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh has signed a decision approving the railway system planning for 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050, which sets a target of building nine new railways with a total length of 2,362km by 2030.

Commercial railway transportation to resume from October 7

Vietnam Railway Authority has issued a document asking for feedback from localities on the resumption of railway transportation while ensuring COVID-19 safety.

Vietnam Railways plans to resume operation of passenger trains from October 1

The Vietnam Railways Corporation (VNR) said that it is expected to organize passenger trains again from October 1.

Provinces organize trains and flights to take people back to hometowns from HCM City

Provinces have begun organizing trips to carry their citizens from HCMC back to their hometowns.