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Tony Le Nguyen, a Vietnamese-Australian film director, tells his own stories of life and career in the film industry where he has spent 20 years gaining experience.

Young businesswoman promotes water puppetry art to the South

With the desire to preserve and promote the unique water puppet art of the nation, Hoang Huong Giang has implemented a bold project: building a miniature water puppet stage right in the heart of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.


Mural project brightens Hanoi suburban village

More than 20 murals have been painted in a village in Hanoi’s Gia Lam District, featuring local cultural and historical identities.

Red Dao observe Day for Thunderbolt Deity

The Red Dao have many observances throughout the year, such as abstention day after the Forest Worship on the first day of a New Year and Days of the Wind and Thunderbolt Deities.


Festival to highlight Thai ethnic culture

Features of ethnic Thai culture will be presented through various activities held in the northern province of Dien Bien on October 18 to 20.

Exhibition shows art of Bui Xuan Phai through latest tech

Standing in front of the camera, you soon realise that you have become part of a painting by a prominent Vietnamese artist, Bui Xuan Phai (1920-1988).

Art festival connects international artists

A festival with the participation of 140 international and Vietnamese artists will take place in Hanoi from October 14 to 18.

Vietnamese movie wins prize at Busan International Film Festival

Vietnamese movie “Rom” on October 12 won the “New Current” prize at the 24th International Busan Film Festival (BIFF) which is being held in the Republic of Korea.

East meets West in a cup of tea

For centuries,Truong Xuan tea house has become one of the most famous tea brands in Hanoi, helping introduce Vietnam's drinking culture to domestic and foreign friends.

Ha Manh Thang showcases new works at Galerie Quynh

An exhibition showcasing new works by Ha Manh Thang, one of Vietnam’s most accomplished painters, is being held at Galerie Quynh in District 1 of HCM City.

Japan center to organize street dance performances in Hanoi

The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam will present a series of street dance performances at the Youth Theater in Hanoi from October 24 to 26.

Concert highlights new music

Hanoi New Music Ensemble will perform with German guest soloists to premiere Hanoise in Hanoi and HCM City.

Cai luong artist seeks new audiences for traditional art

Cai luong (reformed opera) star Kim Tu Long is focused on attracting audiences back to theatres and having them learn about historical events through the art.

First-ever All Women Cheffes Gourmet Festival held in Saigon

Sofitel Saigon Plaza and Disciples of Escoffier Vietnam will present the first All-Women Cheffes Culinary Festival in Vietnam as part of the annual fourth Saigon Gourmet Week to kick off in HCM City in mid October.

Performing art spreads its message beyond the stage

Over 140 directors and students from performing arts academies in 16 countries gathered in Hanoi for the Asia-Pacific Bond (APB) of Theatre Schools Festival earlier this month.

Hanoi L’Espace presents screening of ballet “Cinderella”

L’Espace will present a screening of the Paris Opera’s ballet performance Cinderella on October 19.

British stand-up comedian to perform in HCM City

The Saigon International Comedy Club will present British stand-up comedian Eddy Brimson at Kurtz's by Heart of Darkness on October 16.

Hue Museum displays Le Ba Dang collection in Hanoi

Hue Museum of Fine Arts has sent a collection of Le Ba Dang's works for art lovers in Hanoi to enjoy for the first time.

Hanoi celebrates 65 years of liberation

Today, Hanoi celebrates its 65th anniversary of liberation (October 10, 1954 - October 10, 2019).

'Cai luong will never die,' says People’s Artist Minh Vuong

Veteran artist Minh Vuong of HCM City was awarded the title People’s Artist by the Prime Minister in recognition of his great contribution to cai luong (reformed opera), a 100-year-old traditional theatre genre of the southern region.