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It would be unfair for others if only Vietnam Airlines can receive the state support, while others still struggling for survival.

Business managers make big money as share prices rise

The managers of large corporations have made big money recently as share prices have soared.

Vietnamese economy remains resilient despite COVID-19 challenges

The Vietnamese economy has remained extremely resilient throughout the year despite the adverse impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, with import-export activities witnessing a gradual bounce back, according to insiders.

Covid-19 crisis leads to lower incomes, living conditions for tens of thousands of families

Surveys all show that the living conditions of many Vietnamese have become worse because of Covid-19. However, economists are not recommending a second support package.

Vietnamese businesses wait for new rescue package

Most enterprises say they are still experiencing a sharp decrease in revenue, cash flow imbalance and decline in confidence.

Transport giants clamour for government support

Despite the supporting policies soon ahead, state-owned transport giants will take some time to recover from the global health crisis as a fault in global supply chains remains apparent.

VN railway operator requests $2.5 million bailout to support local routes

The Vietnam Railways Corporation (VNR) has asked the Government for a bailout of VND60 billion (US$2.5 billion) to support three local routes suffering devastating drops in travel demand due to COVID-19.

Will VND1-1.5 million help people with basic needs during COVID-19?

Giving every citizen VND1-1.5 million, which will be disbursed three times, to help cover basic needs is one of the initiatives that could help Vietnamese people overcome current difficulties.

Businesses want more than just an interest rate cut, seek bailout

Not putting high hopes on the interest rate cuts made by the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) recently, the market is still waiting for a bailout to cover all business fields.

Ministry proposes 843 million USD bailout package for businesses during COVID-19

The Ministry of Labour, Invalid and Social Affairs has proposed the Government issue a 20 trillion VND (843 million USD) bailout package to soften the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

New source of revenue for the VN Government

VietNamNet Bridge - With a series of programs and incentive packages, including the small enterprise support draft law, the state budget is expected to have a new source of revenue worth $19.2 billion.

Greek MPs back €85bn bailout deal

 Greece's parliament has backed draft terms for a third bailout in five years after talks that lasted through the night and well into the morning.

Greek debt crisis: IMF wary of third bailout

 The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is very wary of any financial contribution to a third Greek bailout.

Greek debt crisis: MPs prepare for second vote on bailout reforms

 The Greek parliament is to vote later on a second set of reforms needed to secure its bailout deal.

Another bailout for real estate market as MOC tries to rescue rich

A series of bailouts have been designed to rescue the real estate market, including the VND30 trillion package from the government as well as a proposed VND50 million package that remains on paper. 

Tackling bottlenecks to boost bailout package

The VND30 trillion ($1.4 billion) bailout package to support the real estate market has achieved little progress against the ambitious targets set at its launching.

Greek debt crisis: Germans to vote on bailout after Athens violence

 The German parliament is set to vote on a plan to extend financial aid to Greece by another four months.

Greece debt crisis: Eurozone backs reform plans

 Eurozone finance ministers have approved reform proposals submitted by Greece in order to obtain a four-month extension of its bailout.

Greece bailout: Government unveils reform summary after press leaks

 Greece has unveiled an outline summary of reforms demanded by eurozone leaders in order to secure a bailout extension.

Banks consider taking part in proposed credit program to save property market

Some big banks said they would take part in a VND50 trillion credit program initiated by the State Bank to warm up the property market, which has not improved over the last few years despite government bailouts.