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The national COVID-19 prevention and control app PC-Covid Viet Nam, was made available on App Store and CH Play for smartphones using iOS or Android from September 30, developed from Bluezone.

'Made-in-Vietnam' apps facilitate mutual support amid COVID-19

Technology has not only helped to connect hospitals together but also linked doctors with those need advice, and disadvantaged people with those who can assist them in a bid to drive back the COVID-19 pandemic together.

VNEID mobile app expected to be used as Covid green pass in HCMC

Information about Covid-19 vaccination, patients and travel permits will be integrated into the VNEID mobile app, which can be used as a Covid green pass when HCMC eases its mobility restrictions.

National technology platform used to combat Covid-19 for first time

The vaccination management platform is the first national technology platform shared by ministries, branches, local authorities and relevant parties to join forces to fight Covid-19.


Digital prospects for southern region

While Ho Chi Minh City and a number of southern provinces are facing widespread issues with COVID-19, digital transformation efforts are being taken more seriously.

Vietnam has over 40 million people using Bluezone

According to the latest data from the Authority of Information Technology Application of the Ministry of Information & Communications, by July 12 there had been a total of 40.21 million downloads of the Bluezone application. 

Vietnam’s top leaders consider vaccine passport

Vietnam vows to pursue the twin goal of containing Covid-19 and developing the economy to serve the recovery plans.

Using high technology: A must to fight Covid-19

The local authorities of many cities and provinces, including Hanoi, Bac Ninh and Quang Ninh, have instructed people to apply technological solutions to fight the Covid-19 pandemic as recommended by MIC.

Health declarations, check-in data now under ministries' control

The data on electronic health declaration and entries and exits at public points taken via QR Code scanning have been put under control by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC).

Number of downloads for Bluezone app is high, but many accounts go unused

Some cities and provinces have seen 35-40 percent of their population downloading the Bluezone app. However, the number of active accounts is not high.

Three keys to fight against Covid-19 in Vietnam

Along with the 5K message, Vietnam is strictly implementing three counterattacks: large-scale testing; implementation of a vaccine strategy; and application of technology for Covid-19 tracing.

Fixing technological vulnerabilities and fighting coronavirus

Although the VHD, NCOVI and Bluezone apps have helped people make health declarations, there are still loopholes that allow people to avoid the declarations.

Technology helps Vietnam in Covid-19 battle

Technological solutions recommended by the Ministry of Information and Communications have contributed to helping many provinces in Vietnam detect, localize, and prevent the spread of Covid-19 while maintaining a "new normal" life.

'Safety belt' for the epidemic era

Digital technology is an invisible wall that provides security to foster trade and tourism during the time of epidemic. This is a new trend that forces the service industry to accelerate digital transformation during a historic turning point.

High-tech solutions are helping in the fight against Covid-19

With many variants and outbreaks, Covid-19 is expected to be a long-term struggle requiring the contribution of the entire society.

Vietnam uses high-tech solutions against Covid-19

Facing the complicated development of epidemic, many provinces have ordered local people to apply technology solutions such as filling out electronic medical declarations by scanning QR codes and installing the Covid-19 tracking app Bluezone.

Covid-19 and digital transformation

Digital transformation is keeping life going but in a ‘new normal’ state.

IT, telecoms a bright spot amid COVID-19

The information technology (IT) and telecoms sector has emerged as a bright spot amid the COVID-19 pandemic as companies have quickly optimised opportunities to move ahead and develop sustainably.

Vietnam to use technology to trace SARS-CoV-2 quickly, effectively

Instead of using the Bluezone app only as a supporting measure, local authorities have been advised to use the app as a major solution to trace sources of infection.

IT companies help to fight pandemic with technology

Many Vietnamese companies have developed IT applications for COVID-19 prevention and control and online learning during the pandemic.