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The increase in Chinese FDI in Vietnam is good news, but there are many risks that need to be anticipated.

Chinese capital continues to flow to Vietnam

Chinese investors are pouring money ino Vietnam as a shelter from the US-China trade war.

Vietnam needs to behave wisely when receiving capital from China: experts

Instead of refusing Chinese capital, it would be better for Vietnam to receive capital flow in a tactical way to serve investment for development, experts say.

Vietnam targets US, EU investors in new-generation FDI strategy

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam, which is drafting a strategy on foreign direct investments (FDI) to 2030, has been advised to lure more investors from the US and the EU to diversify FDI capital sources.

How can Chinese capital be used in the most effective way?

China’s capital flow to Vietnam has grown slowly, but that is changing rapidly, analysts say.

Plastics, e-commerce, power, steel sectors receive Chinese capital flow

VietNamNet Bridge - Chinese capital is heading for a series of business fields in Vietnam. What will the capital bring?

Chinese capital keeps heading for Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Cash flow worth billions of dollars from China in manufacturing, finance, infrastructure, real estate and e-commerce is flowing to Vietnam. 

Chinese “capital flight” drives cash towards Vietnamese real estate market

 VietNamNet Bridge – So-called “Chinese capital flight” – that is, Chinese investors fleeing from China– may cause the flow of Chinese capital into Vietnam to soar in the years to come.

The strongest capital flow to real estate sector is from China

 VietNamNet Bridge – Cash from China and Chinese-speaking territories has been and will continue to be the main funding source for the Vietnamese real estate market, analysts say.

Vietnamese firms tend to call for Chinese capital for huge projects

China has never been listed among the biggest foreign direct investors in Vietnam or the biggest ODA (official development assistance) providers. However, Vietnamese enterprises now tend to seek Chinese capital for their huge projects.