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Thai tycoon struggles with American fast-food giant

With 600 franchise shops in Vietnam, CP remains an unsuccessful fast-food brand in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s $18 billion pork market among the world’s largest

VietNamNet Bridge - Valued at $18 billion, Vietnam is among the world’s 10 biggest pork producers and consumers.

Are FIEs the cause behind the increase in rising pork prices in VN?

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese livestock companies believe that foreign-invested enterprises are involved in the current pork price escalation, and that “the livestock industry may fall into foreigners’ hands just in one or two years”.

Thai giants who have been in Vietnam for decades

 VietNamNet Bridge – The wave of Thai investment in Vietnam is not new. Decades ago, the Thais gained important development in Vietnam.

Animal feed manufacturers run a 3F race

Masan Group created a tripodal position in the 3F (feed, farm, food) race soon after Anco, where Masan holds a 70 percent stake, becoming the strategic shareholder of Vissan, the nation’s leading food supplier.

Lacking capital, farmers become hired workers for foreigners

The capital depletion plus the dramatic meat price decrease both have knocked down livestock farms. Breeding animals for foreign invested enterprises proves to be the only choice for Vietnamese farmers now.