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In the central highlands city of Dalat, banh uot long ga (a steamed rice cake with chicken and innards) is a common breakfast staple, which should not be eaten in a rush.

Da Lat among world top destinations to admire flowers

According to a survey by Booking.com, Da Lat ranked 3rd in the list of top destinations around the world to admire flowers, rated by tourists worldwide.

Controversial tourist site in Da Lat asked to make some changes

The new tourism area is very colorful and intricate, spoiling the natural beauty of Mimosa Pass.

New Da Lat tourist site criticized for being too flashy

A new tourist zone in the resort city of Da Lat has become controversial on social media due to its design that is said to be "flashy", "messy", and "spoiling the natural beauty of Mimosa Pass".

Cherry-like apricot blossoms brighten the central highland city of Da Lat

The 'mai anh dao' (prunus cesacoides), a variety of cherry-like apricot tree, comes out in full blossom troughout the central highland mountainous city of Da Lat, from the central roads to the suburban hills, during the last days of the year.

‘Lavish’ Da Lat food tour for just US$4.5

Da Lat entices travelers with more than just attractive check-in points and its fresh, pleasant climate. Its low-cost refreshments are also a big draw.

A snack offered by Da Lat, the city of mist

Rather popular in Saigon, this snack—whose main ingredients are green papaya fibers and beef jerky—has a different name in Dalat City in Lam Dong Province, where it is called xắp xắp.

Mexican sun flowers bloom in Da Lat

In early November, the weather in Da Lat is gradually warmer, taking place in the rainy season in October. This is the time when Da Lat is dyed golden by Mexican sun flowers.

Nha Trang and Da Lat most searched by Vietnamese

Five destinations in Vietnam, including Hanoi, HCM City, Da Nang, Nha Trang and Da Lat, are the most searched for on Booking.com by domestic travellers as the country is gradually restarting the tourism industry.

The sea of clouds in Da Lat in September

Da Lat attracts tourists with the romance of colorful flowers, a pleasant climate and the sea of ​​clouds at dawn.

Five favorite dishes in Da Lat

If you make a trip to Da Lat city, you are advised to try the following dishes.


Stuck in Da Lat, young man takes photos and decides to stay long time

Stuck in Da Lat city on his trans-Vietnam journey due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Thanh Duy has had unforgettable experiences. He fell in love with the city and has decided to stick with it for a long time.

A quiet, peaceful Da Lat amid the pandemic

Every morning, Trinh drives around Da Lat streets to take pictures of the resort city in the mist. He has shared those moments on social networks, as a way to help visitors ease their nostalgia for Da Lat.

An island of orchids

Hoa Lan (Orchid) Island, off the coast of Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province, has emerged as an enchanting destination where many exciting discoveries await visitors.

New creations and memories

In Vietnam, Da Lat will be one of the cities people will consider as they choose an appropriate address for creating art spaces.

Vietnam’s first tea museum

The Cau Dat Farm Ancient Tea Museum is an interesting installation art space associated with the story of Cau Dat tea brand which itself it nearly 100 years old.

The most famous pagodas in Da Lat

The hilly city of Da Lat is home to many pagodas, some of which are very well-known among tourists. 

Catching the moments of spring

Cherry-like apricot trees are blooming fragrantly across Lang Biang Plateau and groups of birds are flocking to the area, creating beautiful spring songs.

Visiting old pink Catholic Church in Da Lat

Domaine de Marie Church, also known as Mai Anh Church, boasts a vibrant pink colour in the exterior and interior of the cathedral, serving to draw huge attention from tourists whilst making the site more special as it sits in the heart of Da Lat.

An insight into a beautiful Buddhist Shrine in Da Lat

Renowned as one of the most famous scenic spots of Da Lat City in the Central Highland province of Lam Dong, Linh Phuoc Pagoda features unique architecture that attracts many visitors each day.