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A reasonable tax rate which both encourages people to enrich themselves and increase the resources of the community is needed.

Where is Vietnam on the world’s economic map?

The Vietnam Communist Party saw the risk of lagging behind 30 years ago. In the Resolution of the 7th Communist Party Congress and the resolutions of the next congresses, lagging behind was mentioned as a ‘risk’.

Lagging behind is no longer a ‘risk’ for Vietnam

One of the topics discussed at the first Vietnam Reform and Development Forum (VRDF), a meeting between the government and donors held recently, was the lag of Vietnam’s economy behind other countries.

Vietnam’s transport system too weak to develop tourism

VietNamNet Bridge - Roads and airports are overloaded in Vietnam, while hotel room rates are higher than Thailand’s. 

Suspended businesses rise by 50%, a worrying sign: economists

More than 90,600 enterprises had to suspend operation in 2018, a sharp increase of 50 percent over the year before, which economists described as “worryingly high”.

Economists fear Vietnam will get old before it gets rich

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam needs to take action promptly, and if not, it may get old before it becomes rich, economists say.

Consumer credit market grows 50-65 percent a year

VietNamNet Bridge - With a population of 95 million and a high percentage of young people of working age, Vietnam is now in the ‘golden period’ to develop consumer credit.

Imports from China expected to rise due to US-China trade war: experts

VietNamNet Bridge - Chinese goods, especially chemicals and plastics, are expected to increase in Vietnam.

Vietnam feels pressure as Chinese economic growth slows

VietNamNet Bridge - The Chinese yuan has depreciated sharply, while the Chinese Q3 GDP growth rate is the lowest in the last decade. 

Made-in-Vietnam toys struggle for market share

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam’s toy products compete well with Chinese counterparts in quality and prices, but domestic manufacturers are weak at diversifying products and slow in launching new products.

Vietnam’s beer market has potential, but not for all

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam remains one of the few beer markets in the world which is still maintaining high growth. However, not all breweries have succeeded in the market.

Tax rise will be burden on consumers: experts

VietNamNet Bridge - Just within one year, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) proposed raising a series of taxes, citing international practices and the goal of increasing tax collections for the state.  

Vietnamese producers try to win locals’ hearts

The national ‘Buy Vietnamese’ campaign and the great efforts made by enterprises have not produced the expected results.

Vietnam’s $2,400 income per capita disappoints economists

VietNamNet Bridge - After 30 years of doi moi (renovation), the Vietnamese income per capita has increased to nearly $2,400 but that doesn’t satisfy many economists.

Vietnamese using more premium products as incomes rise

With significantly improved income, Vietnamese consumers are not only buying more goods, but also spending more money on premium products. 

Foreign investors covet food market

VietNamNet Bridge - The growth of the Vietnamese food market has made it a magnet for foreign companies. 

HCM City builds on 2017’s remarkable achievements

The significant socio-economic-cultural accomplishments that Ho Chi Minh City gained in 2017 will create a firm foundation for its stronger development in 2018 and the following years.

Vietnam’s middle class enriches foreign companies

The top concern of foreign investors seeking to expand their business in Vietnam is the strong rise of the middle class.

Gaping holes in MoF tax proposal

The recent proposal to increase VAT by the Ministry of Finance (MoF) still contains a number of issues that can potentially cause economic loss and undermine social equity.

Is Vietnam’s agriculture suffering from "Dutch disease"?

Nguyen Duc Thanh from VEPR believes that Vietnam’s agriculture is suffering from so-called Dutch disease. It is still fumbling for ways to develop, though it leads the world in the output of some products.