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After the results of the national high school graduation exam were released, retail stores recorded an increase in the purchasing power of laptops for students.

High-school final exams are over as families sigh with relief

At 3.30 pm July 8, the time for the English exam, the last exam for the 2021 high school finals ended, and the exam organizers felt relieved. 

Special 'family' lives in University of Science and Technology’s dorm

The dormitory has two special students: Tat Minh, who was carried to school by a friend for 10 years, and Duc Quan, who suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, and was carried to school by his parents over the last 12 years.

Universities require higher benchmarks for admission

Higher required scores for university admission this year were foreseeable, but students are still surprised at the level needed for acceptance.

D-exam group's highest scorer is girl from Hanoi

Nguyen Ngoc Khanh from the High School for the Gifted under the Hanoi University of Education scored first in the D-exam group at the high school finals.

Nearly 867,000 12th graders sit graduation exams in tight security

Nearly 867,000 12th graders in Vietnam began graduation exams on August 9 in the context of the latest coronavirus outbreak spreading across three regions of the country.


VN universities to change enrollment plans

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) is collecting opinions from universities on its draft regulation for higher education enrollment in 2020. Schools will draw up their enrollment plans based on the regulation.

Education Ministry sets tough rules for schools to organize their own entrance exams

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has set very strict requirements for universities to organize entrance exams of their own.

Enrollment autonomy raises concern about student quality

Universities are expected to set up their own methods to enroll students this year instead of using the results of the national high school finals.

Students satisfied about Education Ministry's high school finals rescheduling

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has adjusted the academic year schedule, delaying the high school finals to late July.

Student streamlining – a must in 4.0 era

Career guidance is believed to be important in the new era which aims to create human resources who meet the changing requirements of the labor market.

HCM City tightens control over private tutoring

Students can have no more than 18 periods of private tutoring a week. They can also choose their private tutors with classes of no more than 45 students in each.

Vietnamese mathematicians oppose multiple-choice questions for exam

The Vietnam Mathematics Institute and experts disagree on the application of the multiple-choice mode for math exams, saying that it will harm education.

Urban parents rush to bring kids to IELTS classes

Hanoi students begin practicing for IELTS in very early ages to prepare for the entrance exams to star schools.

University entrance exam floor at record low

The floor exam marks announced by many universities are surprisingly low, raising concerns about the quality of input students.

Educators propose only 30 percent of students to take high school finals

Believing that it is too costly and unnecessary to organize a national high-school final exam for all students, some educators have proposed holding the exam for 30 percent of the worst-performing students.

New enrollment method raises concerns about student quality in Vietnam

Vietnamese universities are enrolling students based on their high-school records, which has raised concerns that university admission is too easy. But school's deny this.

Education Ministry concerned as history scores too low

Below average scores were recorded on 399, 066 out of 569,905 exam papers, or 70.01 percent in history.

Vietnam's education quality improves: former Deputy Minister of Education

Former Deputy Minister of Education and Training Bui Van Ga says that new exam questions now test the general knowledge of examinees and allow universities to choose the best students.

Vietnam urged to merge some schools, maintain fewer state-owned schools

Merging schools with the same majors to form multi-disciplinary schools and cutting the number of state-owned schools to more effectively allocate resources should be done immediately, experts say.