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AI technology challenges the law

Artificial intelligence (Al) technology is and will play an increasingly important role in our lives. However, from a legal perspective, the appearance of a factor with such intelligence will pose many challenges.

HCM City to use AI to solve administrative problems

HCM City Vice Chair Duong Anh Duc said at a seminar on using artificial intelligence (AI) in public administration that AI is an important tool that brings great benefits to the public and authorities.

Blockchain: choice for VN’s digital transformation

In recent years, Vietnam has quickly grasped technology trends, and Blockchain is no exception.

Vietnam launches authentication system without passwords

Vietnam’s joining of the global movement toward authentication without passwords has been marked by the launch of a Make-in-Vietnam strong authentication ecosystem that does not require passwords.

Digital transformation key to helping businesses catch up with market opportunities

Digital transformation is considered the key to helping businesses overcome the current difficult period, seize market opportunities and recover strongly, heard a seminar held in Ho Chi Minh City on July 14.

Vietnam promote application of AI in hydrometeorology

Applying artificial intelligence in the hydro-meteorological sector is essential, said Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Le Cong Thanh.

Vietnam boosts high-tech industry

Vietnam has targeted mastering a number of high technologies to form an ecosystem of enterprises producing high-tech products, and put them into production to increase the export value of high-tech products by 2030.

The path for Vietnam to become owners rather than just wage earners

Technology and innovation are the answers to the question about how Vietnam can to escape from doing only outsourcing for foreign partners.

Vietnam to use technology to trace SARS-CoV-2 quickly, effectively

Instead of using the Bluezone app only as a supporting measure, local authorities have been advised to use the app as a major solution to trace sources of infection.

VN billionaires make money by recovering heat, collecting emissions from production plants

There are many ways to make money in the 4.0 industrial era with the support of high technologies.

Digital transformation will help realize the aspiration to develop the country: expert

Mai Liem Truc, former Deputy Minister of Posts and Telematics, believes that technology and digital transformation is the key to robust growth.

Vietnam’s digital technology firms on road to success

Participants at the National Forum on Developing Vietnam’s Digital Enterprises all agreed that never before have Vietnam’s digital technology firms developed so strongly.

Making cars and smartphones, Vietnam moves to top ASEAN countries

Vietnam’s industry has seen the fastest upward movement in ranking in global competitiveness among Southeast Asian countries, coming closer to the top 4 ASEAN countries.

Digital transformation needs new 'ways of thinking' at provincial, local level

A difficult question can often become easier if a new approach is used, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung told representatives of Thai Nguyen agencies pursuing the path to digital transformation.

Tens of thousands of hotel, bank workers at risk of losing jobs

The rapid development of technology is a threat to workers, as robots can now replace many hotel and bank officers.

Warning system for landslides in communes remains poor

With the current data and technology, when weather patterns that can cause heavy rains appear, Vietnam can predict large-scale heavy rains in mountainous areas 1-2 days in advance

Digital transformation: no time for hesitation

The governments that quickly move forward will be ahead of those that hesitate and proceed slowly in applying digital technologies.

Vietnam paves way for enterprises to apply AI

AI has become increasingly popular in Vietnam with the participation of large technology firms in the field.

With Vsmart phones, Vietnamese-made tech products become popular

Vietnamese consumers have bought made-in-Vietnam fashion products and other goods but few technology products have been popular until the appearance of V-smartphones.

Technology changes VN healthcare services

The technology of a Vietnamese startup is helping hundreds of thousands of people to
have access to online medical examinations with doctors via video calls.