Update news iPhone

Analysts of VnDirect Securities believe that the ban would have big impact on the Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer, but the Vietnamese smartphone market will not be affected much.

Used iPhone XS arrives, sells at sky-high price

Used iPhone XS are available at many private shops in Vietnam at the surprisingly high price of VND19 million.

Previous-generation iPhone models drop in price, rise in demand

Following official price adjustments of a series of next-generation models, including XS, XS Max and XR, the prices of previous-generation models available at private shops have also dropped sharply.

iPhone price sliding in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Distributors in Vietnam have slashed selling prices for iPhoneX 2018 models earlier than usual.

Previous-generation iPhones fall in price

VietNamNet Bridge - Private shops all have slashed selling prices of old-generation iPhones, including iPhone 6S Plus, 7 Plus and iPhone X. 

e-SIM now available in Vietnam, but still few subscribers

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese mobile pone users were excited about the news that e-SIM now can be activated in Vietnam, but many of them are not using it.

Trouble in other markets may prompt Apple to consider Vietnam

While iPhone sales falling in many markets, leading to a sharp drop in Apple share prices, sales have continued to go well in Vietnam.

Old Android smartphones disappear from “hand-carried” market

VietNamNet Bridge - Xiaomi and Nokia are step by step replacing Samsung, LG and Sony products in the market for hand-carried smartphones.

Number of Vietnamese cruise travelers rises

VietNamNet Bridge - Though the number of Vietnamese cruise travelers remains modest, foreign cruisers and Vietnamese travel firms continue to develop cruise tours as they believe in the potential of the market.

More foreign capital being poured into securities companies

VietNamNet Bridge - Thanks to foreign investment capital, many unknown securities companies have become rivals in the market.

Household solar-power providers flock to Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - As the electricity price is on the rise, solar power is becoming a popular choice for Vietnamese families.

Is research in social sciences in Vietnam lagging behind?

VietNamNet Bridge - The number of new authors who have had articles internationally published for the first time has increased rapidly in the last five years, a survey has found.

Enterprises lack workers trained in the newest digital technologies

VietNamNet Bridge - Companies have been slow in reforming their operations because of the shortage of qualified personnel experienced in advanced technologies. 

Farm produce: ‘rescue campaigns’ still needed, even as exports rise

VietNamNet Bridge - Reports show that Vietnam’s farm produce exports have been increasing steadily year after year, but many farmers cannot sell all of their produce.

How high are logistics costs in Vietnam?

VietNamNet Bridge - The Vietnam Logistics Association (VLA) says that logistics costs in Vietnam are 16-17 percent of GDP, not 20.9 percent as reported before by several institutions.

Vietnam’s mobile network operators start R&D activities on eSIM

Soon after Apple began marketing its iPhone model with eSIM, two large Vietnamese mobile network operators started developing the technology, though there are only several smartphone models in the market utilizing eSIM.

Unofficial smartphone market in Vietnam fades away

The unofficial smartphone market, or the market where products from unofficial sources are traded, is losing its importance and diversification. 

Smartphone market: new rivals appear, but big players still thrive

Emerging brands have been taking action to strengthen their presence in the domestic smartphone market. However, the face of the market is expected to stay the same in the near future.

Vietnam to develop eSIM technology

VietNamNet Bridge - A large mobile network operator will develop eSIM, the nascent technology which is expected to change the world in the near future.

VN smartphone dealers to sell iPhone XS Max for VND40 million

VietNamNet Bridge - Some retailers have predicted that iPhone XS Max may be priced at over VND40 million when it hits the Vietnamese market, the highest price ever for an iPhone.