Update news iPhone

Buyers who want an iPhone 11s can choose either products imported to Vietnam through unofficial ways or locked products. Officially distributed products will not be available until the end of October.

Locked iPhone 11 Pro Max available in Vietnam and in high demand

Locked iPhone 11 Pro Max 64 GB is offered at VND21.9 million, half of the price of international version.

IPhone 11 sell date in Vietnam still unknown

Vietnam is one of Apple’s fastest growing markets, but Apple still hasn't listed Vietnam among the markets where new-generation iPhones will hit soon.

iPhone 11 sales boom in Vietnam, but shortage exists

The first iPhone 11s have been available in the Vietnamese market since September 20. Unlike previous years, the selling prices of the next-generation iPhones are ‘very reasonable’.

Samsung, OPPO & Xiaomi led smartphone market in Q2

Xiaomi takes over third place from Huawei in second quarter as top 2 remain unchanged.


iPhone XR price in Vietnam plunges, now cheaper than 8 Plus

iPhone XR is being offered at VND18 million at large retail chains in Vietnam. With a surprisingly low price, XR is even cheaper than 8 Plus.

iPhone X with Face ID errors flood Vietnam

Vietnamese so love iPhones that they are willing to buy iPhone X with Face ID errors, but the quality of these products remains questionable.

Cheap iPods flood Vietnam

Old-generation refurbished iPods have been imported into Vietnam in large quantities.

Viettel becomes eSim provider for iPhone users

Viettel has announced that it has been officially recognised by Apple as an eSim (embedded SIM) provider for iPhone device brands XS, XS Max and XR.


Vsmart says its smartphone ‘quite different’ from Chinese product

A representative of Vsmart said the manufacturer will design smartphones and increase the locally made content in products to 60 percent by 2020.

Will unofficially distributed iPhones disappear as a result of Apple’s new policy?

Apple has applied a new warranty policy which appears designed to eliminate unofficially distributed iPhones. It has also taken drastic measures to prevent the use of locked iPhones.

Vietnamese iFans worried about Apple’s news warranty policy

Under the new policy, users have to show the invoice of genuine products for warranty service. This has directly affected users of MacBook and iPads bought from unauthorized dealers.

Next Iphone might be made in Vietnam: NY Times

The move would lift the ambitions of a nation already well on its way to becoming a powerhouse maker of smartphones and other high-end gadgets.

VN mobile network operators jump into fintech playing field

With a huge numbers of users, mobile network operators are tapping the financial service market, the major field of fintechs.

Imitation iPhone 11s, counterfeit iPhones, Note 9s flooding Vietnam

Apple has not launched iPhone 11 yet, but imitation iPhone 11s, advertised as having exactly the same design as iPhone 11, are available in Vietnam.

iPhone users complain about iOS 13 beta

iPhone users have complained that iOS 13 beta on their phone sets sometimes interferes with incoming calls.

Smart TVs surprisingly cheap in Vietnam

Many smart TV models running on Android are being offered at surprisingly low prices of VND3-5 million, cheaper than Samsung, Sony and LG products.

Device turning old iPhones into 'new' ones available in Vietnam

JC-B1 devices can turn an old iPhone battery into new ones with false information cheating iOS and consumers.

Apple posts modest profit in Vietnam despite earning huge revenue

Although iPhone retains its charm by the classy design, the sales of the US’s brand seems to slow down in the face of South Korea’s Samsung and China’s emerging Huawei Android smartphones which are less pricey but packed with breakthrough features.

Vietnamese smartphone brands disappear, sales poor

Home markets are the biggest markets for Chinese, South Korea, Japanese and Amercian mobile phone manufacturers, but this has not occurred in Vietnam.