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 Apple Inc's iPhone turns 10 this week, evoking memories of a rocky start for the device that ended up doing most to start the smartphone revolution and stirring interest in where it will go from here.

Sales of feature phones fall, but popularity remains high

VietNamNet Bridge - The sales of low-cost feature phones decreased by 10 percent in Vietnam in the last year, although they are expected to remain popular for several years. 

Is Apple preparing to enter Vietnam?

VietNamNet Bridge - The fact that Apple has issued new policies recently may be a preparatory step for the firm to officially enter Vietnam's 90 million market.

iPhone market chaotic as Apple cracks down on fake phones

Privately run shops which distribute iPhones through unofficial channels are concerned about Apple's recent announcements on warranties and intellectual property copyright.

Snake game on Nokia 3310 developed by Vietnamese

VietNamNet Bridge - At MWC 2017 (Mobile World Congress), Nokia 3310 with Snake app was one of the most impressive products, developed by a group of Vietnamese engineers.

Criticism of new Nokia phones unfair

VietNamNet Bridge - The first Nokia 6s have appeared in Vietnam, but many Vietnamese say they do not see any outstanding feature in the product.

Vietnamese prefer the most luxurious smartphones

In Vietnam, the number of people who want to buy iPhone 7 Plus is nearly twice as many as the number of people who want to buy an iPhone 7. The ratio is 80/20 for the Galaxy S7 Edge and S7.

Vietnamese Apple fans confused about ‘original iPhone’ definition

VietNamNet Bridge - The lack of transparency of e-commerce websites and the diversification of supply sources have misled customers.

iPhone 7 available from unofficial sources at private shops

VietNamNet Bridge - iPhone 7 has yet to be officially distributed in Vietnam, but private shops are selling the phone from unofficial channels. 

iPhone 5S selling better than other smartphones in Vietnam

Reports by largest mobile phone distribution chains all show that iPhone 5S 16 GB distributed by authorized resellers is still among the bestsellers, with demand even higher than demand for iPhone 6S and other high-end models. 

Where will be Apple’s data center set up?

VietNamNet Bridge - Local newspapers last week reported that Apple had been looking for investment locations in Da Nang City.

Middle-class Vietnamese: who are they?

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam is an attractive consumer market, listed among the top five ASEAN countries with the fastest increase in the number of middle-class consumers.

How will Apple SIM affect network operators?

VietNamNet Bridge - Apple SIM is considered a technological breakthrough, but it could be an obstacle to mobile network operators’ business.

Apple SIM still unavailable in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Apple SIM is available in 140 countries, including regional countries, but not in Vietnam, as Apple SIM partners still cannot reach agreement with local mobile network operators.

Will iPhones be made in VN after Foxconn takeover of Microsoft Mobile Vietnam?

“We now can hope the production of iPhone products will occur in Vietnam in the future, now that Vietnam makes Samsung phones,” said Vu Duc Quyet, director of the Bac Ninh provincial Industry and Trade Department.

Don't use tools to jailbreak iPhones: BKAV

Experts from the Bach Khoa Anti-virus Center (BKAV), the leading network security firm in Vietnam, have found signs showing that the tool used to jailbreak iPhone is capable of collecting information from iCloud accounts. 

iPhone SE not seen as a must-buy as it is inexpensive

VietNamNet Bridge - Many Vietnamese have expressed their disappointment about the newly marketed iPhone SE. Distributors think iPhone SE won’t cause a buying ‘fever’. 

Apple sees first sales dip in more than a decade as super-growth era falters

Apple Inc forecast its first revenue drop in 13 years and reported the slowest-ever increase in iPhone shipments as the critical Chinese market showed signs of weakening, suggesting the technology company's period of exponential growth

Apple set for slowest ever iPhone sales growth

 Apple Inc (AAPL.O) is expected to report iPhone sales increased slightly more than 1 percent in the holiday quarter when it announces earnings on Tuesday, its slowest growth ever and far from the double-digit growth investors have come to expect.

Fewer orders at Apple suppliers could signal first iPhone sales decline

 Some of Apple Inc's main Asian suppliers expect revenues and orders to drop this quarter, indicating iPhone sales are almost certain to post their first annual decline since the flagship product was launched almost a decade ago.