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The move to slash prices of Sony’s models has raised doubts that Sony is trying to dump stock before leaving Vietnam. But Sony has denied this.

Counterfeit Apple resellers disappear after Apple issues ‘ultimatum’

VietNamNet Bridge - Private shops stopped using Apple’s logo after the smartphone manufacturer’s representative in Vietnam sent a letter to them warning about intellectual property infringement two years ago.

High-end smartphone prices drop in anticipation of new iPhone launch

Smartphone distributors have slashed the selling prices of high-end models including iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus amid news that Apple would launch the next-generation iPhone this month.

Previous-generation iPhones in short supply, prices escalating

VietNamNet Bridge - The price of previous-generation iPhones such as IPhone 6 and 6S continues rising, while the newer models have not changed in price.

Used smartphones increasingly popular in urban, rural markets

VietNamNet Bridge - In Vietnam, big retailers are dominant in distributing brand new genuine products, while the used phone market segment is controlled by private shops.

Galaxy Note 9, S10 imitation products available in HCMC

VietNamNet Bridge - Chinese-made smartphones imitating Samsung's upcoming high-end models are being sold in HCMC at VND2.7 million.

Locked iPhone has had its day in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese are no longer buying locked iPhones, while smartphone shops do not want to sell this item.

iPhone update adds privacy 'transparency'

 Apple has updated its iOS, MacOS and tvOS operating systems to give people more information about how their personal data is collected and used.

Locked iPhone X in Vietnam priced below $1,000

Users now can buy iPhone X in Vietnam at prices lower than those quoted by Apple Stores in the US, Singapore and Hong Kong. Locked products are several million dong cheaper than unlocked ones.

iPhone market large enough for existing distributors, new players

VietNamNet Bridge - The demand for iPhones in Vietnam are high, but 40 percent of iPhones sold come from unofficial import sources, leaving room for new distributors. 

Apple’s iPhone X popular in VN, but Samsung’s models are bestsellers

VietNamNet Bridge - Seven out of 10 bestselling smartphones in 2017 in Vietnam were from Samsung and Oppo, while Apple’s iPhone X and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 were the most in demand.

Vietnamese sue Apple for ‘purposely slowing down iPhones’

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese have joined the community of iPhone users filing lawsuits against Apple for intentionally slowing down the phones as the devices' batteries aged. 

Spending on high-end smartphones up, as total sales dip slightly

VietNamNet Bridge - The number of smartphone sales declined slightly last month, but consumers continued to spend more on high-end products.  

Vietnamese phone makers vow to regain mid-end market segment

VietNamNet Bridge - The mid-end smartphone market is controlled by Samsung and Oppo, but Vietnamese manufacturers believe there is still room as the price range fits the majority of customers.

One mobile phone giant slays the rest, almost

VietNamNet Bridge - Samsung is competing with Apple in the high-end market segment, holding the advantage over Oppo in the mid-end market segment, and crushing all efforts of the rest.

iPhone 6, 5S selling better than iPhone 7 in Vietnam

Though Vietnamese fans of iPhones are always eager for the latest-generation models, they still prefer iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S marketed 3-4 years ago, to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

BPhone: can it compete with foreign-made products?

VietNamNet Bridge - When asked recently about the position to display Vietnamese-made smartphones at The Gioi Di Dong, an official pointed to a corner of the showroom, behind shelves for accessories. 

Vertu smartphones still attract the rich despite factory closure

VietNamNet Bridge - In the last 12 years in Vietnam, Vertu’s luxury products have been popular with the rich, despite the closure of its factory.  

BPhone 2 to hit shelves at giant distribution chain

VietNamNet Bridge - BPhone 2, a high-end product of BKAV and the first made-in-Vietnam high-end smart phone, is expected to be marketed in August. 

Some HTC, LG smartphone brands no longer sold by retailers

VietNamNet Bridge - The mobile phone market has become more competitive than ever as retailers have confirmed they have stopped selling HTC and LG phones because of slow sales.